Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I will eventually shut up about that

It suddenly occurred to me that maybe my kids have been so insufferable so frequently for the same reason that I have been. The weather. They are fifty percent me, after all; why wouldn't they become halfway insane during the confining months of the year?

My point was proven today at the store. They smiled. They talked quietly. They mostly obeyed. Emmy asked for something once, and Grace sweetly said, "No, Emmy; remember if we ask for things we don't get ANYTHING." Emmy sang "Away in a Manger: The Heresy Version" ("the cow tul... are... Jesus...") while Grace muttered the correct lyrics to her, and this guy looked over and said, "Darned if that isn't the cutest thing I've ever seen," and it totally made my day. They are absolutely at their cutest when they're acting like this. It just kills me dead.

And I think it's the weather. They're aren't crazy defiant all of a sudden for the same reason that I'm not. Or maybe they aren't crazy defiant because I'm not. Or maybe both. Whatever. I'll take it. Because either way, it means skipping like fairies through pink and purple fields of happiness and probably also ponies.

I cleaned some more (hey, I've been borderline useless for the last week; there's a lot to do). The kids played nicely together. Mostly. There was only one tackling incident, but it may possibly have been an accident. No biting or hitting whatsoever, and napping like you would not believe. Also, I have suddenly lost three of the five extra pounds I gained during Inversion Month, and I'm okay with that.

I also undercooked our chicken today, that I had worked on all afternoon, and I still did not cry. I cut off the very cooked pieces and put the rest back in the over, and it was okay. Last week I would have cried.

So, thank you God for sending this weather. Everyone in a ten mile radius should also be thanking you. Especially the ones trapped in this house with me all day.

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