Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dear show, thank you for ruining my life

Dudes. I got nothin'.

My darling sister and Adventures in Cooking have both been breathing down my neck to write another entry, but the last couple of weeks were one long blur of suck and then busyness, and now more suck. It's like 800 degrees here with 146% humidity, and my brain feels like this looks, except half-melted:

Wedding shower on Saturday. I consumed more sugar in those two hours than I normally do in a year. Woke up with a headache on Sunday, and now it's sweltering, and there's no way I'm getting on the elliptical anytime this week. I feel gross and worthless. Maybe I will start jogging outside at night.

Wait, no. No, I won't.

2.0 is more like 2.0 x 108 (too bad I didn't name her 3.0 because then she'd be the speed of light, and I am such a dork). I'm obsessed with her weight and length because I have never seen a baby grow so fast. It's almost obscene. She's about 17 pounds and 26 inches now. As big as Grace was around 7 or 8 months. I do not feed her Sprite and doughnuts, I swear.

I watched the finale of Lost. Now, I figured it would be a letdown. A show that great just can't have a satisfying finale. It's pretty much impossible. But oh my gosh, people. I can't even tell you how irritating this was.

It was so schmaltzy and argh. And schmaltzy. Did I mention that? Because it was. I expect better from you, show.

For most of the episode, I was pretty sure we were looking at a Rambaldi device, which would have been annoying, but not as lame as what it really was, which I'm still not sure of. Have you ever been talking about something and suddenly realized you were running off at the mouth, and you let your sentence just trail off aimlessly because you didn't know where it was going anyway? That was the finale of Lost. I think the writers were all drunk and got tired.

And then the scene in the church at the end. Oh my gosh. What annoyed me the most--and I know this is stupid--was the stained-glass window. A cross, a moon and star, a star of David, and a bunch of other Major World Religion symbols. It was so ridiculously heavy-handed I wanted to barf.

So, we took our mower to the hardware store to get repaired. It's always been broken. One of the wheels likes to come off, and James has to stop and kick it back on. It adds more than a few minutes to the job.

It's now been a week and a half, and they're still not done with it. Meanwhile, our lawn looks like something out of Little House on the Prairie. I'm afraid to go play in the yard with Grace because I'm pretty sure I'd lose her. Soon, the neighbors will start complaining. Too bad Shirtless Yardwork Neighbor Man is no longer around to mow our lawn when it gets too long.

We need a new car seat. The Enormous One is not going to fit into hers much longer unless she stops eating (hah!). It needs to be a convertible, easy to install without LATCH, and rear-facing up to a pretty high weight. Also, it must not exceed the value of the child who will be sitting in it. Otherwise, I'll just sell her to the highest bidder and buy myself a cute little sports car.

I am running out of shows to watch on Netflix while I feed the rabid beast. I started Torchwood and was intrigued, but it's not really clicking with me. Any suggestions?

I would like to read while feeding the baby, but I find it difficult to hold her and a book at the same time.

We started weaning her from the swaddle tonight. It was so hot in her room. I left one arm out. Hopefully we don't wake at three in the morning to an enraged, naked baby. Few things are less pleasant.

Remember earlier how I talked about trailing off at the end of a sentence because you realize you're rambling on about nothing? Yeah, that's what I'm doing. So now I'll stop.


  1. I do that thing all the time.

    also, KOOSH BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    also also wik, I could not watch lost because of the baby peril (claire's baby) at the beginning of season 1. once i missed too many episodes because of that, i couldn't follow the plot and so i just never got into it. hubs did, and every once in a while he would be watching and i'd sit down for a segment and walk away at the commercial break, after having annoyed Col by asking too many questions.
    Anyhow his finale response amused me... jack and dog faded away... hubs laid still on the couch. finally hubs gets up, goes to bathroom (held it throughout episode apparently even though we have dvr... doh). comes back. sits down. after a long beat, says, "i think i get it now." and that was it!

  2. Our grass is starting to get too long, too. We live in military housing and they actually cut it for us. Which is cool. Except for the fence thing. We're in what is basically a townhouse, and on each side of us is a fence. It's tall, like 6-7', but it's short. It only goes about 10' out from the house, then the yard continues out for another 40' or so. So, the yard guy does our side by mowing along the inside of the fence in a straight line all the way out. He then does the same with the neighbors house, from the inside of their fence all the way out. Which means that he keeps leaving us with a short little "fence" of overgrown grass that follows the fence line to the corner of our lot. It's kind of obnoxious. I'd say something if I caught him at it, but he's good at coming when I'm not home, considering that I'm home, like, most of the day every day.

    Good luck finding the carseat! I'd probably go for that new car seat that somebody mentioned on the boards, the one that is by Graco and rear-faces up to something ridiculous, like 40 pounds. The way Emmy is growing, you might need it! Rear-facing is highly recommended for up to 18 months at least, and as long after as you can manage it. I imagine Emmy will be like our little neighbor, who is 18 months old and a week or two younger than our 18-month-old, but towers over her. She's gotta be... 33" tall? She's only a few inches shorter than my 37" 3-year-old.

    Good luck with swaddle weaning!

  3. As for Netflix, try "Mi-5" and "Wire in the Blood"...also "Coupling"--those are all BBC shows.

    Also, if you can get past the language, "Weeds" is hilarious.

  4. Cosco Scenera. It's not fancy at all but it does the job. It was $45 (ish) at Target. Cheap enough to go in our free car that doesn't lock. Rear Faces, needs a towel shoved under the front if its rear facing (to level it) but I'm willing to sacrifice a towel for $45 rather than $200+ on a 'fancy' seat. Its also in the top 10 for safety and what not. Asher has been in his since he was three months old and he likes it as well as any kid likes a car seat. :) ~ Melody W.

    (BTW - The LOST finale is growing on me. The scientist in me wanted more answers and less people mush, but the whole show was more about personal growth and less about what was 'really' going on. IMO)