Monday, January 26, 2009

Thank God for noses and my paranoia

Grace FINALLY made it all the way through the night without waking up. She woke up early, but not at three and five in the morning like she has been. It was AWESOME.

Then I went downstairs and caught a very faint whiff of gas. Hrm. It was extremely faint, so I chalked it up to imagination. I'm always hearing and smelling and seeing things.

Twenty minutes later, I walked down the hall and the smell almost smacked me in the face. So I grabbed the baby and booked it out of there, called the gas company.

The guy came by, checked everything out. No gas leak. BUT the CO level in our chimney was above what his meter would read (9999 ppm, which is somewhere between car exhaust and death in 1-3 minutes). None (that he could find) in the house. The smell was from some gas or other that's a byproduct of incomplete combustion. So we, at the very least, need our boiler cleaned. We have hot water heat.

The guy is here right now. Oh, YAY! With a just cleaning it will work just fine.

Anyway, the cat would have dropped dead already if it were still dangerous in here, but she still acting like Queen of Everything, so we're good. Just a little chilly.

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