Thursday, October 23, 2008

Odds and ends

I'm a lunatic. The baby woke me up at 6:30 this morning, as she is wont to do. Instead of going back to bed after feeding her, I decided I was alert! and awake! and happy about it!

I don't know why this happens, but I wish it would stop. By noon I'll be a totally exhausted mess.

So we went downstairs, I held her in my left arm and made high-pitched girlie-voice noises at her (I always swore I would never talk to my child this way, and here I am) until she dropped off to sleep. Then I wrote a longish email one-handed. It took like twenty minutes, and it was kind of rambling and uninteresting. But! I managed it with no typos. I think.

I had to put Grace down a while ago, for fear that her enormous belly would start rapping on her vocal cords when her nose pick up the scent of BOOBS. I prefer sleeping baby to a baby who's 90% full but thinks she is STARVING FEED ME FEED MEEEEEE!

She is now in the bouncy seat with its Soothing Vibrations, and by golly I wish they made adult-sized chairs like that.

I am jealous of my three-week-old. An all-time low!

Then I found a clip of SNL's last musical guest, Adele, and I decided I needed to download a song of hers because wow. And that got me started on an iTunes binge. Oops. I only bought one album (Missy Higgins--oh, how I love her) and one song (Adele--I wanted the whole album, but just couldn't do it). But it felt like a binge.

Oh, iTunes. If you told me that one day I would spend the family fortune and bring us to our ruin, I could almost guarantee that iTunes would be the beneficiary of my folly. That or food. I love food.

Speaking of food, have you noticed that grilled cheese sandwiches always taste better with fake cheese than with the real thing? I don't like fake cheese. I like real cheese, the kind that comes in slabs and circles and sometimes has funny-colored junk around the outside. But when it comes to grilled cheese sandwiches, gimme the melty plastic stuff that Kraft calls "American Cheese".

I had reason to believe a while back that someone I knew in Real Life was reading my diary without telling me, so I went back through my entries just to make sure I didn't say anything too embarrassing. Oh my heck. My first, oh, 200 entries are totally embarrassing. I cringed through them all. I was tempted to delete them all or, at the very least, set them to private. But I didn't.

It's odd how in just four years, my writing has changed so much. And so have I, without even realizing it. I bet in four years when I come back and read my current entries, I'll want to crawl under the couch with the spiders and die.

I'm starving. I was going to write more, but these days when I'm hungry I MUST EAT MORE MORE MORE. And I'm prone to using all caps. I think it's the breastfeeding. Or just plain gluttony. But I'll blame it on the breastfeeding.

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