Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The skies parted, and the angels sang.

I fed Em last night at 11:15, put her down around 11:45. Usually when she eats at lightning speed like that, it means she'll get violent hiccups the moment I put her down or shoot a fountain of spit-up all over herself and her crib and start crying the second I fall asleep. Nope, last night, she went to sleep immediately. I went to sleep around 12:15. And she did not wake up until 6:00. I fed her, then went back to sleep until 8:30. Hallelujah, I feel like a person today. And, as usual, I didn't even realize I hadn't been feeling all that person-like for a while.

This new personhood business enables me to notice things I didn't notice before. Like the fact that Grace is developing a sense of humor and a need to entertain the people around her. The girl LIVES to make us laugh. She does this thing where, if we laugh at something--whether it's her or something else--, she'll throw her head back, close her eyes halfway, and let out this really cheesy laugh. It's the dorky-sounding laugh you make when you're breathing in. I don't know if that makes sense. I need to get it on video because it's priceless.

I didn't know sense of humor developed so soon. Now, she's not making jokes or doing anything sophisticated, but she's already learning that some things are funny, and she's learning that she can keep doing them, and we will keep laughing. Until it gets old. It hasn't yet, but I'm sure it will.

It's a bitter lesson to learn, my dear. Learning what is funny is much more fun than learning what's not. Especially when you tell a really long, pointless story with a flaccid punchline, and everyone mouth-breathes at you in confusion when you're done, except for that one guy (usually your older brother) who has to snark, "Hey, good story!" Not that I have any personal experience.

I've been stalking my elliptical as it makes its way across half of Indiana up to eastern Wisconsin. And it is taking its sweet time. It sat at the sorting facility in Beaver Dam for two days. I do not know what it was doing there. I'm sure there's some reason that it had to go 130 miles past its destination and then sit there for two days. Maybe there's only one sorting facility in all of Wisconsin, and that sorting facility is somehow closer to the southeast corner of Wisconsin than, say, any sorting facility in the Chicago area. Maybe Walmart just really likes to spend a lot of fuel trucking 300 pounds of exercise equipment and extra 200 miles. Maybe it was tired and had to rest. I do not know.

And now it has been en route to our local store since 12:10 this morning, which was 16 hours ago. Maybe there are a LOT of other Walmarts between there and here. I do not know. But I am impatient and irritated. And it's supposed to be gross and cold here the next two days. Climbing the walls is not great exercise, even if it sounds like it might be.

Time to go make dinner. I can't believe both children napped at the same time for an hour straight. I think I hit the sleep jackpot today. Hopefully, unlike Hurley on [i]LOST,[/i] my luck is not about to take a turn for the worse.

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  1. Awesome about the sleep! That's so great! I'll be hoping and praying for you that it repeats itself again tonight. As for the naptime, that's totally the jackpot to hit with two kids. I used to manipulate their naps like crazy to get them to coincide because I needed that downtime. Oh, the glory days. I actually had them both napping for 2-3 hours at a time in the afternoon for a while! Of course, then, on the same day, the baby stopped taking her afternoon naps and the toddler stopped napping at all.

    I actually had to read a few lines beyond the "elliptical" part before I could figure out what kind of elliptical you meant. Is it sad that I've taken enough math that my first thought when I hear "elliptical" is not "exercise machine?" I hope it comes soon! Have you seen that Fail Blog tracking where it shows this package going back and forth from Tennessee to Paris, France, like, multiple times, on its way somewhere completely different?

    The sense of humor thing is cute. I love it when they start laughing when you laugh. It won't be long until you get to my daughter's stage: "I'm thinking of an animal that has four legs and swims in the ocean!" Me: "I give up, what is it?" Her: "A crab!"