Saturday, March 27, 2010

And it keeps getting better

2.0 slept until 7:00 this morning.




I'm kind of mad, though. I spent all day yesterday in a cleaning frenzy. It felt really good. While I've kept the house picked up and all the important stuff clean (kitchen, laundry, toilets, myself), a lot of things--like mopping the floors--have fallen by the wayside. But I'm now past the 6-week mark and allowed to do more stuff (not that I haven't been trampling all over the rules they gave me, what with carrying around the 800-pound toddler who only JUST learned to walk), AND 2.0 has been sleeping 5-6 hours at a time for several days now. Put them together, and I feel like I can rule the world.

Not that I'd want to.

So, with 6.5 hours of sleep last night, I have all this energy and ambition and no place to put it.

Okay, been away all day.

I thought I had nowhere to put all that energy. I lied.

We put together the elliptical (this took forever, of course, but we actually did not bludgeon each other to death with the parts, which I hear tell can happen when a married couple decides to assemble complex machinery), I fed the baby, who is back to eating... sooo...... sloooowlyyyyy..... these days. Not only does she have a little reflux (layman's diagnosis made by Dr. Me, but she has all but the most severe symptoms), but she's also at the age where the larynx starts to descend. So not only is she relearning eating and breathing at the same time, but she's also arching her back in pain every three seconds. It's really super. And it means feeding her can take approximately one hundred years.

I got her settled and put her down for a nap, then started on dinner. Tarragon Chicken. It is delicious. I've made it twice now. Both times, if I remember the last time correctly, I've had to use about three times as much chicken broth and milk. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, or if the recipe is off. It still tastes very good, but it's nice to know ahead of time so you can have extra on hand.

(A little trick my mom taught me: brine the chicken in a few cups of water mixed with a small amount a sugar and a little more salt. I usually let it sit for a couple hours. Or, if the chicken is frozen, I pour a couple cups of the solution into the bag and put it in a bowl of cold water to thaw (we buy chicken breasts in large packages, and then I freeze it in smaller Ziploc bags). I used to have trouble keeping chicken breasts from drying out, even if I was very careful not to overcook them. Now they're extremely tender and juicy every time.)

Then I fed the baby again. This time it only took fifty years. Then I finished dinner, did the dishes, and started lunch for tomorrow. We were going to go to my mother-in-law's for the day tomorrow, but she's ill and wasn't up to cooking, so she cancelled. We decided to bring food to her. Didn't want to deal with that at the crack of dawn tomorrow, so I did most of it tonight.

So that six and a half hours of sleep really did get put to good use today. Makes for a REALLY boring entry, though. I'm trying to write more often, even if I don't feel like it, even if I'm having trouble thinking of funny things to say. It makes for a few more mundane entries, but it also keeps me from going a month without writing and then forgetting how to do it entirely.

Breastfeeding hooooonger has kicked in. The weird thing is that I went several weeks with a normal appetite before it started. I don't really feel hungry in my stomach. Well, I do, but the hooooooonger is something else. It's in my whole body, from head to toe. I can feel this way just twenty minutes after eating a meal full of protein and fiber.

The worst is sweets. I do not have a sweet tooth, never have. But all of a sudden, all I can think about is chocolate and cookies. I've been very good about resisting, but it hasn't been pleasant. It used to be that if I was craving sugar, it really meant I needed protein, and fast. Now pretty much all I eat is protein, and it's not helping. Grah. There's got to be something I can do about this. I am NOT going to get flabby again.

While I don't recommend trying not to gain weight during pregnancy, I am very thankful that I didn't. I wasn't horrifically overweight before, but I was well above where I wanted to be. More than that, I wasn't able to do things that used to be easy for me, and I didn't have energy, and it was hard on my already crappy knees. I hate feeling that way. So now I'm down to a pretty good weight, and I am not going to squander this chance. It's the one good thing about hardly being able to eat for nine months. I just hope these food cravings go away; if they persist, I will eventually succumb. Gah.

On that note, I think it's time I tried out the elliptical. I haven't had a chance to yet. Here's hoping I don't break a leg. We all know I'm capable of it.

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