Friday, June 13, 2008

Oh, Rock River.

This is our new town:

It's such a small town I've never bothered to look up a map of it, thinking that just driving around it once we moved in would do the job. Hahahah! I paid for that mistake.

The yellow is a major thoroughfare for the area: small town, really important highway.

The orange is construction, also on a major thoroughfare.

I have an awesome idea: let's plug up both ends of this tiny little town at the same exact time. Maybe we should also close off highway 26. Oh wait, an act of God did that for us!

The green is where it's flooded (there's a lot more flooding than that, but it's more in people's yards and in soccer fields than it is on streets). Normally that little bit of green on the end of the west-side construction is my way to sneak around and get to our house fast. Not anymore.

Now I get to go the purple route, which take me along the new detour for the 8,300,745 people trying to go north on highway 26 through my town. I bypass the shorter route, J, because it would require me to turn left into bumper-to-bumper traffic. Whatever they say about New York drivers applies doubly to Wisconsin drivers. They're all either lunatics or inconsiderate; it's just that we're fewer in number, so the bad drivingness isn't as apparent.

Yesterday, what should have been a 45-minute trip would have taken me several hours. I finally did some semi-illegal maneuvering (Hi, County Sheriff in the parking lot!) and got myself into the parking lot of a restaurant where I could EAT! and PEE! Not in the parking lot. In the restaurant.

After I was done eating (I met some friends there; they were going to come by and see the new house, but that didn't happen), I hopped into the (now shorter) line onto Plymouth Street and made it to the house in about twenty minutes.

I was flipping out because our basement has been leaking like crazy with all this rain. The foundation is fine; the ground is just so saturated that water seeps right through the concrete. I fully expected to drive up and find the house collapsed in upon itself. Yes, I'm a drama queen. Yes, the house was fine.

Then I taped off (Despite my back protesting all the bending over, I really, really enjoy taping. I know. This is weird.) and painted some trim. Then tornadoes were coming, so James and I hightailed it out of there to come back to Madison and do some grocery shopping. I made garlic bread and ate four plums. I still have paint on my left arm. We lead such an exciting life.

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