Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ho Despot!

Still alive.

But if you haven't heard from me again in, say, a month, someone come look for me in the Delafield paint aisle of Home Depot. I may be hard to find if I'm huddled under the Glidden paint display, chewing on bits of hair and paint cards and drooling all over my tightly-clutched knees.

My problem? I love colors. Deep, rich colors. The kinds of colors that will be scary and heavy in all of our somewhat small rooms. I don't mind lighter colors, but it's so hard to estimate what a lighter color will look like covering an entire wall or room. And what on earth goes with the brownish blue-green floor in our bathroom? It's not really a bad color, but I'm completely at a loss. Right now the walls in there are LEMON BUTTER YELLOW! YOU SHOULD TRY IT WITH YOUR STEAK!

I'm beginning to wish we lived in the street. I could give birth in a nice, countryside ditch, and my baby and I could forage for hay and clover while James earns the big

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