Friday, February 17, 2012


Grace's sense of humor has taken off recently. It's still pretty juvenile, but hey, it's a good thing I have the mind of a 12-year-old. Earlier today:

Grace: You're funny!
Me: No, you're funny.
Grace: No, you're funny!
Me: Well, you're funny... smelling!
Grace: *hysterical giggles*
Me: You're funny... looking!
Grace: *more hysterical giggles* You're funny... ROGER! *SHRIEKS OF LAUGHTER* You're funny... BUTT! *begins to choke on her own saliva*

It was probably funnier if you were actually there. But I so love this age. The last couple of days were rough, due to a very whiny, mopey Grace, but we think she was just on the tail end of a growth spurt. She's eaten like a half-starved bear for the last week, while she normally eats about five molecules a day, mostly bread. Two mornings ago, for breakfast: two scrambled eggs (and I mix them with Greek yogurt), a cup of milk, an orange, five pieces of toast, and two more pieces of bread when I got sick of making toast. That's more than Jeremy normally eats. She also ate a pretty sizable lunch and dinner. She grew half an inch and weighs what feels like ten more pounds. She's not very waif-like anymore.

Emmy is now two. VERY TWO. Everything she does lately is VERY. She is VERY HAPPY. Or VERY WHINY. Or VERY GIGGLY. Or VERY AWAKE. Or, my favorite, VERY DEFIANT. I do not bend to her will, but man is it hard sometimes. I think that kid will go far, so long as she doesn't turn to a highly lucrative life of crime. She doesn't care what you think of her, THANKYOUVERYMUCH. She doesn't even follow Grace around anymore. I do not see this one succumbing to peer pressure or idiot boyfriends. So that's good.

I have gotten to the point where swimming is fun and not completely drudgery after the first 200 yards. It feels amazing. My endurance is still not the greatest, but I love the feeling of getting into the water and just slicing through it. Compared to other real swimmers, I'm still pretty terrible, but there aren't a lot of real swimmers around her, so my ego goes mostly unchecked.

There was a lady in the pool last week who was faster than I, and it drove me CRAZY. I got in, and she was in the lane next to me, and I practically sprinted all of my sets, which was a really dumb move. She finally got out (thank goodness; I would have eventually given myself a heart attack), and I did a very short cool down and got out with shaking arms. I felt amazing the next day, though.

I have also been doing the 100 Pushups program for the last several weeks. I've always been terrible at pushups. Even at my most fit, I never topped 50, which is pretty sad considering the amount of arm and chest strength swimmers are supposed to have. I love this program because it tells you exactly what you should do, and it takes less than five minutes a day.

I'm starting very, very slowly to avoid injury. I do each day three times. I just finished week two. Doing knee pushups. It's kind of embarrassing. But I have noticed that everything else has gotten easier since I started this. And once I complete it with knee pushups, I'll go back and do it with real pushups, and hopefully someday I won't be a total weakling anymore.

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