Thursday, December 29, 2011

Not a terrible Christmas

So, I'm alive. These antibiotics I'm on are kicking strep's butt (I came down with it sometime last week and woke up the day after we arrived in Denver feeling like I was dying), and I've felt completely fine since Sunday. I'm just tired.

The Sunday and Monday of our visit was great. People were mostly no longer throwing up (I got strep; all the kids got a stomach bug; it was WONDERFUL) by Sunday night. Considering the circumstances, it was a pretty good Christmas. It's always good to be with my sister and her family.

I got a number very cool presents, but the one I'm really excited about is the ice cream maker. I told my sister I liked kitchen gadgets that are useful but that I'd never spend the money on myself. I was thinking a Slap Chop, or a garlic peeler. Then I opened this box and was very excited. Way better than a salad spinner.

She gave me a recipe book (I think it's this one) to go with it, and I'm collecting the makings for my first batch now. I need to find rennet tablets, though. Does anyone know where to find such a thing? I can pick an easier recipe, but this is the one labeled "Five Star Vanilla Ice Cream," so of course that's what I'm starting with. Because "Easy Vanilla Ice Cream" would be, well, easy, and I believe in making things as needlessly complicated as possible. My first attempt at chicken broth was something to behold.

The girls got PRINCESS EXPLOSION for Christmas, and they're pretty happy about it. There's a doll Emmy got that sings "I'm a Little Teapot," and she's obsessed with it. I made the mistake of handing it to her in the van on the way home in a moment of desperation, and we were treated to literally an HOUR of that song, over and over again. Then she threw it on the floor and screamed for it, and I decided to take the screaming over the singing.

It's much easier to tolerate in the apartment. Especially since she cradles it and runs around in circles, crooning and occasionally tripping.
Speaking of the drive home, I could very happily make a living driving back and forth between Denver and Salt Lake through the Rockies. Every kind of spectacular landscape you could imagine is somewhere along that drive. It's a miracle one of us didn't drive off the road. The girls didn't appreciate the longer drive, but we considered it well worth the extra time. I've seen all the pictures, but it's something else in person.
Also! I now have a membership to Gold's Gym that includes childcare. Jeremy's work has an incredible deal, so we took it. I'm so excited. Swimming is finally clicking for me again, and now I can go anytime I want! The girls also seem to flourish when they regularly spend small amounts of time with different people. So, wish me luck! And motivation.

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