Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I feel pretty(ish).

I have begun putting my hair in rollers overnight. It's a pain in the rear to do, but the results are so much fun. I can now have long hair AND look like a woman AT THE SAME TIME.

Long hair does not suit me. It hangs flat no matter how it's layered, and I look like a boy in a wig with no chin. It's bad. Really, really bad. It also thinks curling irons are hilarious. And really, who wants to put her hair through that every single day?

Short hair looks great on me. You can see my face, it holds curl, it behaves when I pin it up. But I'm so sick of the layered bob and its many variations. And I have fanciful visions of long, flowing, ultra-feminine hair. I know they're ridiculous; I look LESS feminine with long hair, unless I style the snot out of it, which means lots and lots of damage.

So I found some soft curlers that I can sleep in, tried them out, and the next day, my hair was fun! And curly! It didn't start uncurling until evening, either. These curlers are cheap, and I'm pretty sure they'll fall apart on me in a matter of weeks, but for now I'm enjoying them.

Carp. I was going to write more, but Jeremy wants to play a game. And I'm too tired to be amusing anyway (spent all day cleaning and cooking, then went to a pool party with two small children and my entire church, and as much fun as it all was, I feel like my limbs are made of warm deli meat).

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