Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The girls woke up from their nap early. Feh.

HOWEVER. They were in much better spirits for the rest of the day. I think Grace just needed a good, solid nap, which she also got (she's in her room for three hours, but she usually only sleeps for one or two and spends the rest of the time playing in her crib; today she started screeching bloody murder after two hours, but I'm pretty sure she slept the whole time).

My attitude didn't turn around until a while later. I can be so petty. With my children. Babies. Grow up, you old hag, I keep muttering to myself.

We also turned Emmy's pack 'n' play for the night so the side with the curtain (or whatever it's called) would block her view of Grace's crib.

Like a charm. Asleep within twenty minutes. Grace woke up screaming once for a diaper change, but Emmy didn't even stir. Silence ever since (except for Grace muttering happily to herself in her crib for a little while).

Sigh. My moods are too easily subject to my children's.

Cross-posting from my Tightwad Blog:

Dear sister, I know you will laugh at this post. But don't make fun of me too much until you see my hair.

I'll never have fabulous hair, but this is the most fabulous it's ever been in my entire life. It's kind of a pain in the rear since I have to rinse it forever and a day, lest I smell like vinegar. But I consider it worth it. My hair not only looks better, but it's softer, shinier, and it does the things I tell it to. It curls and stays curled, I pin it up, and it stays up, I leave it down, and it does not plaster itself to my head like a hungover eel.

So! Here it is.

Step One: Baking soda.
  • Keep a cup (16 oz) in the shower. Before you get in, put in 2 Tbsp of baking soda. In the shower, fill the cup and mix until the baking soda is dissolved (I use the end of my razor handle).
  • Pour in sections over your dry head. I'd like to get a squeeze bottle to do this, but so many of them have really narrow necks. This method is time-consuming enough that I really don't feel like bringing a funnel into the whole business as well.
  • Rub into scalp, then rinse thoroughly.
Step Two: Vinegar.
  • Optional: Pour about 1 tsp of honey into the cup. My hair comes out shinier and sweeter-smelling when I use this.
  • Pour about 1/4 cup of your choice of vinegar into the cup. I use apple cider vinegar. I've heard of people using pomegranate vinegar and others. I'm sure just about anything would smell better than ACV (except maybe white vinegar). Fill the rest of the way with water and mix again.
  • Pour in sections over your head, work into hair, and rinse thoroughly. Very, very thoroughly. And then rinse some more. If you're still unsure, rinse a little bit more.
I won't lie; it's a pain in the rear. But I find it's well worth it. No more money spent on expensive, clarifying shampoos whenever my fine hair gets tired of the buildup. No more greasy hair days. No more bad hair days, period (so far). And even though my hair will probably never be the type that can go for a day without washing, and I am pretty sure I will never be able to go vinegar-only (some people do! and I've seen pictures! and it looks good! I'm amazed; I tried it once, and I looked like something fresh from a Sunnydale graveyard), my hair is far, far less greasy than it ever has been before. By bedtime, it used to be showing already. Now it doesn't look terrible until at least the next morning.

To be honest, it's probably not much of a money savings. I have (used to have) a taste for expensive shampoos and conditioners, but I could make them last foreeeever. A tankard of Aveda shampoo and conditioner can last me at least two years. That's about two dollars a month. A gallon of apple cider vinegar lasts about two months, and the cost of baking soda is negligible. Honey is a bit pricier, but we use so little, and we buy it in the gigantic jugs (I use it in just about everything The Child eats that's sweetened). This gets us about three cents a day. Yaaay!

This brings me to my next point.

For the longest time, it's been hard for me to get motivated to save money because I haven't ever thought to tie it to something concrete. We're only saving twelve dollars a year by doing this, but twelve dollars is a movie ticket. We love the movies! And we never get to go! Before, I would have seen that twelve dollars and thought, "Pssssh. Totally not worth the self-denial."

But it IS.

I love how I'm learning delayed gratification at 28.

(If you listen closely, you'll hear my siblings and parents snickering into their sleeves. Li'l Naomi done growed up. Kind of.)

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  1. It's always amazed me what kids can sleep through. Like the other one screaming, etc. Although I'm not quite ready to test the theory by putting the baby in with them.

    Glad they're sleeping better, though! I hope you have continued good luck. Do you have room-darkening shades for when it starts getting light earlier and staying light later?

    I'm tempted to try the baking soda/vinegar thing myself, but I keep forgetting to bring some baking soda in, and I'm a bit nervous about it as I have very different hair. I just wash it every other day because it doesn't get as greasy, and I think it's probably coarser than yours. It's also very thick and tends towards frizzy. What's been working for me so far is to use a small amount of shampoo only on the scalp. I've noticed a huge difference if I don't shampoo the whole length of the hair (aside from a very small amount of shampoo that gets spread out as I start the rinse). But shampoo is expensive, so maybe I'll try the baking soda/vinegar thing sometime (need to get some AC vinegar, though, we only have white). Does it work right away, or does it take awhile?