Thursday, June 10, 2010

PhotoBooth is better than nothing, I guess.

Emmy likes my laptop. A whole lot. She was not upset when it joined her in her crib:

Hey, hey, good-lookin'! You look just like this baby I always see in the bathroom. Maybe a little creepy.

Then it had to go away:

Wait, I did not mean that about the creepy. Please come back.

Sorry, Emmy. Not for babies.

Crappy photos, but better than nothing. Also, you know how the camera adds ten pounds most of the time? Yeah, I think it subtracted this time. She looks thinner than in real life. Yes, thinner.

1 comment:

  1. Yay, pictures! You're very brave, putting the laptop in the crib, however briefly. The other day I accidentally left mine on (sitting on the kitchen table!) and came back to find that my 19-month-old had scrawled all over the screen. With a pen. Fortunately baby wipes appear to remove pen marks, and cloth diapers make good dry wipes.

    She's so cute! And yes, huge! I can only imagine what she looks like "in real life" if this is thinner than she usually looks! Do you read I remember back in the early days of her blog, she had a friend whose baby was so fat, she joked that the friend had heavy cream for breastmilk (or something like that).