Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ten hours of sleep!

(wrote this first part about a week ago)

The Child has discovered the joys of blueberries. They were on special today, and I am helpless in the face of fresh berries. So is The Child, apparently. I put some on her high chair, she started snarfing them up like lines of cocaine, and two minutes later I heard retching. There's Grace with 47 blueberries crammed in her mouth. Way to go, kid. Now, she has learned to chew and swallow each bite before the next one comes; I guess blueberries are just so freaking amazing that clear airways suddenly become strangely unimportant.

Oh, but it is the funniest thing ever when she gets a sour one in her mouth. I wish I could get a picture of that face. It's like if a lemur ran face-first into a brick wall and then his face stuck like that, and then he ate a lemon.

People, I am already in maternity clothes. Starting at 8 weeks. This is insane. For now, it has more to do with what I eat and how much, but still. There is a pouch. I could wear normal clothing, as I don't really have a baby bump, per se, but I do have what looks like a beer gut. Or an I-eat-way-too-many-doughnuts bump. See, I still have weird postpartum stomach pouch, and even though my belly itself is not yet sticking out, I still can't suck it in anymore.

I very much want to buy a whole package of white tank tops and some cigars and cans of cheap beer and hang out on my front porch with them arranged around me. I should probably also get some aviator glasses.

We got basic cable a few months ago, and now that all my evening shows are no longer in season, I never watch TV. The only things on are soap operas (yuck), infomercials (sometimes fun, but usually too shouty), Spanish-language TV (which I love, but is strangely exhausting), and religious programming. And then! I discovered MeTV. All the Matlock and Hawaii Five-O a girl could ever want.

I am very sorry, but I completely forgot to document Grace's atrocious haircut. Now she's grown into it, and it looks pretty cute. In a few days or weeks I'm hoping to finally feel myself again, and then we'll be back to the crazed photo-snapping of yestermonths.

My sister is in the area this week, which is the best thing ever. Today they are going to a baseball game, which was not my cup of tea at the moment, so I'm staying home today. My sister is awesome, but it's nice to have a break from driving to and from the Milwaukee area to visit. I crashed last night at 10:30 and woke up around 6:30/7:00. It was GLORIOUS. I feel like a million dollars today.

I'm starving. I need to go hunt down something I can eat. Aversions and nausea have been much, much better (times a thousand), but it's still something of a quest to discover the day's Holy Food Grail. I think today it is fruit (as usual) and potatoes of any variety. We shall see.


  1. Halloo again!

    Maternity clothes at 8 weeks -yes. Only I was trying not to tell the folks at work, so it was just "oh look at me! Look at my beer gut! I'm sooooooo fat!" in my regular clothes until about 12+ weeks.

    Also, someone has been spending too much time on methinks, with the beer can comment.


    That is all.

  2. The blueberries thing is funny. You ever try those baby safe feeder things? I love those with my eight-month-old. It's this little netted bag thing with a handle attached, and you fill it with the food you want (blueberries, or sometimes I'll mix blueberries and Cheerios). They get the fun of chewing them but you don't have to worry about choking issues. Of course, then you have to wash the thing out... but it's worth it. :)

    Take a picture of her now all "grown into" her haircut? We still want to see! I'm thinking about taking my toddler in for a haircut... she's still got sparse baby-fine hair at 2 1/2 and it's getting shaggy in the back despite not being below her collar. Sigh. I envy your little girl's gorgeous long hair!