Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tooth okay; brain not so much

I swear this kid KNOWS when I need her to be good and sweet for me. The last two days she has been the absolute best that I know she can be, despite Daddy being gone, and despite it being 85+ in here from about noon 'til 9pm. I'm not superstitious at all, but I am worried just a tad that the next kid will be her polar opposite and that I will have myself committed within three weeks of bringing it home.

Yeah, one thing I didn't mention (I never do, until after the fact) is that Jeremy was gone from Monday morning until this coming evening. So, pulled a tooth which was infected (thus more pain), taking care of crazed, curious baby in unholy heat and humidity, and no husband to help. Waaah! Now you see why I was so very grateful for my mom being here Monday night and Tuesday.

This reminds me, what do I do all day with a very energetic baby when we are stuck inside (I like this heat just fine--when I can lie around all day)? I do have a car, so going someplace is an option, but there really isn't much here. This is normally a good thing; if we had a Target anywhere nearby, I probably would have sent us to the poorhouse by now. It's quite warm in here, too--just enough that I'm comfortable and drowsy and keep falling asleep while trying to play with The Child. I'm even letting her play with power cords. Motherhood Fail yet again.

The Child also insists on being carried about half the time. Normally when this clinginess sets in, and I don't feel like indulging her, we either go on a long walk or go outside on the lawn. Not going to happen today, since it's 8 thousand degrees outside. And so humid that Shirtless Yardwork Neighbor Man has been donning swimming trunks when he goes outside. So long as he stays away from the Speedos...

Pediatrician appointment today. Our pediatrician just had a baby three months ago, and she looks so fabulous that I suddenly feel like hating her. But I don't because she's awesome. I hate being torn like this.

Grace is 19 lb 3 oz (this does not seem right to me, and I'm pretty sure she weighs at least a ton) and 30 inches long. Perfectly healthy, despite her beanpoleness (even though she has very chubby cheeks and thighs). It's odd and kind of creepy that I gave birth to my own husband.

Our neighbors behind us have a pool. Do you think it will seem obvious if I bring them pie now, after we've lived here nearly a year?

Friday our pastor and his wife and family are coming over for dinner. I had a meal all planned out, and then I realized there is NO WAY I am going to use the oven anytime soon. Even the toaster oven cooks up too much heat when it's this warm. Does anyone have any good ideas for boneless, skinless chicken breasts in the crock pot? Something that goes with spaghetti, salad, and marinara sauce? Also, I have a strong dislike for caraway and lots of oregano.

I swear I had more I've been meaning to write about, but my brain is completely boiled.

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