Friday, May 15, 2009

And the rest of LOST

I wrote a whole post on the first 17 minutes of the finale. It's the one before this. I am a sad, sad person.

I find it very hard to believe that Horace doesn't have a SINGLE hat in his house. For serious, guys? Did you think no one would recognize you? A hat is not that hard. Unless it's a hard hat. Hahahah! Jack, you're a doctor. Sayid, you're Batman and GI Joe and The Shadow all in one. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS.

Dude! Vincent!

Also, I like how the sky was completely overcast when they were half a mile from shore, and then when they got there it was blue skies and fluffy clouds all over. Not impossible, but still kind of weird.

And Rose and Bernard! Love Bernard's creepy facial hair. Is it just me, or did Rose sound disappointed when she said, "They found us." Also, how did Bernard manage to put on weight while living in the jungle off fruits and nuts?

Okay, nevermind. BUT! If Jin was searching grid by grid, how did he miss a big old cabin in the middle of a clearing? Is Bernard Harry Potter? Does he have a gigantic invisibility cloak?

Ilana means "tree". I doubt that's important. I was just excited because it's Hebrew.

Jacob's cabin looks like Rose and Bernard's, but I doubt that means anything either. I'm guessing that there's not a huge variety of basic cabin-in-the-jungle-built-with-your-own-two-hands-templates-out-there. Maybe they show just didn't want to make more than one set piece.

Was John Locke raised from the dead after he fell out of the building?

Why is everybody all so happy to do everything Locke says? He's just a random stranger.

That ain't Locke. It's Johnny Cash/Esau/Ol' Smokey. One of those three. All of those three. Some combination.

I can't decide who I hate more: Jack or Kate.

How hard is it to say, "Sayid is bleeding to death in there. He will die if I take five minutes"? Instead, Jack says, "Five minutes," and imagine Sayid's in there like, "Remind me never to come to your ER EVER. Oh wait. I don't have to worry about that because I'm about to bleed to death."

Surgery: Ew. I didn't need to see that. I have a thing about spines and poking around in them.

All right, Jack. This is spinal surgery. You aren't out teaching a bunch of kids to fish, and your pole slipped. Your feelings do not matter very much right now. I bet that girl would have been really happy to know that even though she was paralyzed for life, your feelings were intact and you team believed in you.

How did Roger know about the bomb?

Hurley's hilarious.

To guard: Dudes with tranquilizer darts! Everywhere! Coming to get me!
To random guy in cab he's never seen and is carrying a guitar case that could be hiding anything: Sure! I'll share a cab with you! Awesome!

Okay, this has been bugging me for some time. If Jack drops the bomb down the hole, and the magnet gets destroyed in 1979, they never land on the Island. And so Jack never goes back in time to 1979 to drop the bomb down the hole. This whole thing CAN'T HAPPEN. These people are idiots.

Why couldn't they kill Kate? Why why why?


If I weren't so thrilled over being right about something on this show, I would really pissed off right now. I LOVE Locke. I love him so much. And now he is dead.

Oh, Juliet. What a crappy way to die.

I'm less convinced that Jacob is evil, but still not sure he's Jesus Christ either. I do think he was purposely cold to Ben so that he WOULD kill him. I think that's part of his plan. Which makes more signs point to "Christ figure". But still. Not convinced.

Also, it takes a ridiculously hot fire to actually burn a human being up.


  1. I read a recap that referred to Juliet as a "free radical," reminding me of Daniel Farraday's reference to the "variables" in the equation. I think Juliet is the variable that even Jacob didn't count on. She's the only one, I think, who REALLY had to die, for real, in order to complete her mission.

    I have never cared for Kate, but I liked Jack in the beginning. Starting in Season 3, though, I didn't, and I've really come to loathe him.

    What I noticed was the significance of Jacob's touches. With Sayid his contact was very perfunctory, with no warmth at all. Jack's was similar. Sawyer, Kate, Sun & Jin, Locke, & Hurley got a lot of interaction, but those two...I wonder.

  2. Yeah, I liked Jack to begin with, too, and even Kate a little bit. But every episode they get worse and worse. Maybe I've being naive, but I have faith in the show's writers that this is intentional.

    My friend noticed the touches, too. She pointed out the Hurley is the only really, really good guy on the Island. I like Sayid a lot, but he's done some horrible things, and he seems quite bitter. She said Hurley might become what Locke was supposed to be. I do wonder if this is really it for Locke. He seems awfully well-preserved for someone who was never... preserved.