Monday, December 1, 2008

Could have sworn she was 30 pounds. Update at bottom.

My Ginormachild is 13 lb 12 oz, 24.25", with a head circumference of 16.25". 95th percentile across the board.

She also got her vaccinations today, and she would like to tell you all that she Does Not Appreciate them and that she Feels Utterly Miserable. Or, she would tell you if she weren't so busy passing out in funny positions. I forgot how hard it was to burp a baby this floppy. Poor thing. I'm just glad I suddenly had to pee right before they came in to stick her. James got to hold her. He's totally wrapped around her finger, but her misery doesn't really bother him. It does me. Well, when I know she's in pain. Otherwise I just laugh. But pain is different.

My new nursing pillow came in the mail today. My Brest Friend is indeed my best friend, despite the lame pun being an automatic strike against it. Deliberate misspelling for the sake of a catchy titles makes me crazy. I also hate "congradulations" on graduation cards. Notice how we never talk about my grammar mistakes (and deliberate, flagrant violations, such as the excessive use of parentheses and sentence fragments) here. Pot, kettle.

I did use a generic Boppy at first, but quickly grew to hate it. It was nice at first, but she then gained a couple pounds, and it was useless for nursing. I highly recommend My Brest Friend (oh my gosh just typing that makes my teeth itch). I ordered mine through the BabyCenter store on super big sale and with free shipping. I wish I'd tried BabyCenter sooner. They sell things so much cheaper (if you can catch it on sale, which you can, since they have crazy sales all the time) than our Wal-mart does.

I promise you neither BabyCenter nor the makers of MBF (I can't type it again) paid me to tell you all that.

The sling I ordered also arrived, but the verdict is still out on that one. I put Grace in it today just to see, and she started to fuss. She may have just been grumpy anyway, though. She does look awfully cute in it. Maybe I'll just put her in it for short periods of time every day until she gets used to it. If she does take to it, life will be so much easier. I'll be able to do things around the house without having to listen for her screams every three minutes. Cooking a simple meal takes an hour and a half. If she doesn't get used to it, I'll just save it for the next kid.

More shameless advertising on my own behalf, in case you missed the last entry: I wrote a thing. You don't have to like it, but it'd be awesome if you read it.

I have to go. Sad baby needs love.

Freshly Vaccinated Baby is Not So Fresh

Update: The verdict is in:

Not so bad
Is not so bad after all.

It's much cuter if you can see all of her.


  1. Krispy Kreme
    Dunkin Donuts
    Froot Loops
    Shop Rite
    Kidz Korner
    Kidz Klub

  2. ...I just wanted to make your teeth itch more. There are more obnoxious ones out there, just couldn't think of them! :)

  3. Oh. Someone is slow on the uptake.

    The one that makes me crazier than anything else is We-How-Sit in Janesville ("We House It"). It's one of those storage garage places. It took me years to figure out what "We-How-Sit" meant, and then my eyes bled every time we rode past it on the bus to school.