Monday, November 3, 2008

You mean I need to do stuff with it?

The child, she is not a newborn anymore. She now requires things like entertainment and interaction and lots of cuddling. You know, not that I ever stuck her in a box in a corner all day, but she's so high-maintenance these days. Next you'll tell me she'll start crawling, and I'll have to keep an eye on her and stuff.

Last night she slept 7 hours straight. She doesn't sleep those long, long stretches consistently, but it's happening more and more. It's so good to feel like a person again. Yesterday I blow-dried my hair, and I put goop in it, and I even used a little hairspray. And then, in the car on the way to church I put on makeup. I felt like a real grown-up woman all day--nay, a movie star! And I didn't wear sweatpants!

(Yoga pants, but they were black and from a distance could be mistaken for dress pants, and I only wear them because my incision is still tender. Stupid incision.)

Grace was baptized yesterday. She was not amused. I wish I had video of the flailing startled arms pedaling wildly in the air. Like she's being attack by a man with an axe and must fend him off with only her razor-like fingernails (no matter how short I trim them, they are ouchy and jagged). The thing that sucks about having all that hair is that it takes a while for one's head to dry. And her awesome parents forgot a towel. Our pastor also got water all over her face by accident. He felt bad, but we thought it was pretty funny. Our daughter will grow strong and bitter on a steady diet of mockery and sarcasm. Like good coffee. Go us!

I have to shower. There are things I have to do today. Things that involve needing to not look homeless. Sigh. All this work.

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