Sunday, October 5, 2008

What am I supposed to do with this thing?

Not dead. First full day home from the hospital. Have cried at least four times. I miss my favorite nurse Joan. She made everything better. I want to write her come-back-to-me!1 love letters, but that might be a little stalkery.

I hug my painkillers almost as tightly as I would hold my baby if she were unbreakable. I had a full day off them before my prescription got filled. No sleep + no pain meds + postpartum hormones = pure hell on earth. I know it all gets better. But that doesn't make me feel that much better. And my nipples feel like chewed-up hamburger. Also, they don't tell you what happens when you get home from the hospital and haven't gone number two in six days. Way too much information, I know, but I feel it's a public service to those of you who were not warned either.

That's all. James and I are going to watch a show while I nurse the baby. Then you might not hear from me for a while. Thanks for all the notes.

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