Thursday, July 10, 2008

Toilet Watch 2008

They never did come pick up our toilets. James had to cart them all away from the curb by seven pm, along with a crummy closet door and a bucket o junk that the previous tenants left behind for us. Oh, they left lots of stuff behind for us; most of it involves cigarette butts and cat litter.

So James called the waste disposal company to inquire about the toilets. They didn't know why they hadn't been picked up, promised to do it this morning. Pickup is supposed to be at six. It's 8:20. We still have two extra toilets chillin' in our front yard.

Hi, neighbors! Is there some reason you haven't come by with pie for us yet? Oh, not to worry if we're not here when you come a'knockin'. You can just make yourselves comfortable on the pot. We have two, in fact--one for you and one for your pie. Be careful of the one that got broken a little. It's all shardy. We'll be home soon, and we can all have Roadkill Delight for supper!

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