Thursday, December 15, 2011


This will be short and dry. It's something I've been meaning to write about for a while because I'm quite sure there are a few others of you out there who have a similar problem and have either not been told how to fix it or haven't even been told it exists.

I've recently discovered that my persistently weak abs a stubbornly bulgy stomach are a result of an Actual, Real Thing, not just me not trying hard enough. It's called diastasis recti. It happens to most women during pregnancy and usually goes away after birth. Mine is not severe. But it's not going away on its own. Having two gigantic children 16 months apart is one of the best ways to get it. Yay me.

So I've been holding off on the ab exercises because everything I've read says they make it worse. That's just SUPER.

Well, I picked up this video on a whim at the Babysteals Boutique here in Salt Lake (online discount store, with headquarters five minutes from our apartment; yet another reason to love Utah). I was looking for a Christmas gift for my niece. I didn't find one, but this video is a total win. The lady has that weird cheerleader smile and is entirely too perky (and pretty) for my liking, but I can feel my stomach tightening up, ever so slowly. I already have far less back pain after just a couple of weeks, and my belt is getting bigger and bigger on me.

I'm still on the novice level. I have to bow out of some of the exercises because I'm too tired to do them properly. But she tells you exactly how to keep proper form, and how to keep strengthening and using those muscles throughout the day. Anyway, if any of you are having a similar problem, I really suggest trying it. Even if you can't do the full workout, it can get you started on getting those muscles back to where they're actually useful. I've also noticed my posture improving, which is nice; I really don't want to have a hunchbank when I'm 90.

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  1. Hi! I was googling some things to help my shy toddler, and I came across your post here: from Sept 2010. I wanted to contact you because your daughter sounds SO much like my daughter, it is scary!! I was wondering how your daughter is doing now? My daughter is 3 years old, and she is very shy when we go out in public.. the "aggressive strangers" that all want to talk to her make it so much worse! She tells me she just wants to go home because she feels safe there. It takes her so long to warm up to people, and people just don't understand that, so I get all the "oh she's so shy" comments. Ok well I've rambled long enough lol. I just wanted to hear how your daughter was doing now & see if you've found anything that helps her? Please email me if you want :) Thank you!!