Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Company picnic

Wow. It has been a while. Oops.

The Child is fine. The antibiotics didn't do any of the nasty things to her that antibiotics usually do, and she was feeling almost 100% the next day. Whew.

We just got back from Jeremy's company picnic. There were probably 500 people there. The food was amazing, but it was hot, and long, and not all that suited for small children. The prize drawing lasted until after the kids' bedtime. If we'd been smart, I'd have thought to take the kids home myself around 7:30. I didn't think of it until 8:05, five minutes before they finished.

We had a good reason to hang around, though! There were a giant flat panel TV and an iPad as some of the top prizes, along with a few other nice things.

We did not win a thing.

But the kids passed out within minutes of going to bed, despite a solid five of those being filled with some of the more determined screaming I've ever heard.

I was going to write more, but I'm so tired it just wasn't interesting at all. Company picnics, while still fun, become much more draining with two small children who hate crowds. They did pretty well, but I had to alternate taking them out and walking them around, and the eating area was on top of a huge hill, so there was a lot more exercise involved than you might think. That and the SUN being a thousand degrees hotter here. I can't believe that STILL surprises me. Hopefully it will sink in before I turn 40. Also, kids like to walk downhill, but not uphill. And both of them have gotten even more enormous since they decided to start eating actual food again.

So. I'm leaving you with a super lame entry, and I am going to play Zelda until my brain falls out.


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