Friday, May 13, 2011

I am so glad I did not wear shorts

(I wrote this yesterday, but then Blogger exploded)

Let's talk about how dumb I am. Yaaay! Our favorite topic!

Apparently, being closer to the sun means you burn more easily. Who would have thought?? Genius.

See, in Wisconsin, I can spend almost an entire day outside and not even tan. When we went to the zoo a couple of weeks ago (a few hours of alternating sun and shade), I came home, lounged around during the girls' nap, and this BURN appeared on my shoulders two hours later.

First, I would like to know what's with the delay in sunburns. Since when does a burn take TWO HOURS to appear?

Second, ow.

Third, duh.

Moving on.

Today we went to a park and walked around a lake. It's a newish park, so all the trees are little babies, and there is no shade. None. We live in a desert. Of course there aren't any trees just springing up for the fun of it in the middle of the valley. I'm not Jonah, for crying out loud.

For some reason, I just assumed that this time, it would be different. Like, the laws of physics and biology in Utah would have changed (OF COURSE!) for my white Wisconsin-raised self.

I came home after this two-hour walk outside. Next to a lake. In blazing sun. With no trees. Did I mention no trees? I did not see a sunburn when I arrive home twenty minutes later. I didn't even see one an hour later after the girls went to bed.

Two hours later, a brilliant cherry red blossomed all over my shoulders, arms, and face. I look like I just got done with a REALLY intense workout. Or maybe I chewed up an habaƱero pepper, and then took it out of my mouth and rubbed it all over my body. Or maybe I took a nap in the oven.

So you can all laugh. And I will stock up on lightweight cotton long-sleeved shirts. And scarves. And long gaucho pants.

Incidentally, did you ever wonder how Prince Feisal and all the other black-clothing-wearing people didn't melt in the fiery desert of Arabia?

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  1. Ouch! Sounds painful. We spent a *lot* of last summer slathered up with sunblock. I'm incredibly pale, even my babies are darker than I am (although one is pretty light herself). I take it your girls were better covered than you, since you don't mention them burning?

    Have to say, though, that the times that I have gotten a sunburn, it didn't usually show up right away. I don't think that's out of the normal (unless we both are, which is a distinct possibility).