Thursday, September 10, 2009

Broken record

I have been informed that the some of you (or, actually, just one of you) is not content with my diary as of late. You know, with the falling off the face of the earth and all.

Three words: new nap schedule. Also, child not sleeping. And, tired all the time. (Yes, that last one was four words. Shut it.)

Seriously, any entry written on here over the last month would go something like this, "WHINE WHINE WHINE TIRED WHINE WHINE WHINE NOT SLEEPING WHINE WHINE WHINE." So I've refrained.

I mean, there are aspects to my life other than child-rearing, of course, but when I'm this tired all the time, I can't remember anything beyond what happened in the last five minutes. It's really pathetic.

And I'm sitting here staring at my computer, sure that I'll come up with something clever to write about, and I just can't. Agh. The good news is that The Child seems to be slowly inching her way back toward normalcy. I am thinking, though, that this new nap schedule was a bad idea. No morning nap, and then a three-hour afternoon nap. Except those three hours are two hours, no matter how tired she is, and it is making me foam at the mouth. The first two days were great. Crappy morning followed by three hours of silence, followed by good afternoon and evening. Not so much now. Feh. But at least now she's sleeping until 6:30 or better, which is definitely an improvement from what she was doing, which was waking up and screeching like a Nazg├╗l anywhere from 2:30 to 5:30 in the morning, and then taking an hour to get back to sleep. That was tons of fun.

So I'll be back shortly. Today has been much better. I am optimistic about the future. Yesterday I was not. Yesterday I was pretty sure that having two of these things hanging off me at all hours was going to kill me. Now I think I may make it, possibly with the assistance of drugs, but I may make it. Yay!


  1. More than one of us misses your blog! I just didn't have much to say about blog rolls, so I didn't end up commenting on the last one.

    I can totally sympathize with the naps, though. My toddler has given her afternoon one up entirely. The loss of free downtime during the day is horrible, isn't it? I'm sorry she's giving you trouble with naps at such a young age. I hope it straightens out, though. I think my toddler did that for a while when we switched from two to one nap (taking just one nap that was only about the length of one of her two-naps), but gradually as her body became accustomed to sleeping at that time it got better, so I hope it will for you, too! That Nazgul thing can't be very pleasant.

    Can I recommend, for baby #2, getting an Ergo baby carrier? I didn't have one for my first baby, but got one for the second, and it was wonderful. It's a lot more expensive than the others I've tried, but I got a used one from their website, which saved me a lot, and I really loved that I could have my baby swaddled in it, because you can put them in sideways. I could walk around with her swaddled in it, and when she fell asleep, I'd take her up to her bassinet, get it set up, then take her out of the carrier and plop her into her bassinet without waking her up. Worked wonders for my sanity. Also let me do stuff around the house and still keep her happy. And no, I do not sell them for a living. :)

  2. Face. Earth. Again. Planning to return? :)