Friday, July 17, 2009

You should see what I can do with a curling iron.

Well! 2.0 is due on March 4th. Which means I have a week and a half more of first trimester than I thought I did. Yippee!

First prenatal appointment today was rather ho-hum. Yes, I KNOW I'm supposed to get all dreamy and misty-eyed over that splotch of static on the screen, but I just can't. I doesn't look like anything to me. I know it is, but my untrained eyes can't see it. The heartbeat, though? *swoon*

The best part of today was the Chipotle. I realized a few days ago that a Chipotle barbacoa burrito with pinto beans, lettuce, cheese, and lots of sour cream was everything I ever wanted in this world. I spent every minute yearning for that stupid burrito.

I could hardly get myself away from the doctor's office fast enough. I am telling you people, that burrito could not have tasted better if had been made lovingly for me by angels and magical elves. Best day ever.

I trimmed Grace's bangs a week or two ago. All her hair is wavy, but she has a palm frond or something in front. It's all this fuzzy, stick-straight hair, like she stuck her finger in a light socket, and her head is so big that the electricity could only make it as far as the top of her forehead. It was cute but also ridiculous, and she loves to rub her face like crazy when she eats. Mama does not fancy food in the fringe. So I snipped it.

I was going for some cute angled bangs. The Child had other plans. Mainly, she planned to capture and eat the scissors. There was much head-waggling. Instead of this (um, bangs only, of course; we're going to wait 'til her third birthday for the excessive eye makeup):

We got this (complete with tooth gap):

I am counting on 2.0 looking something like this:


  1. Yeah, I have that problem with my youngest. Unlike my oldest, who is only just now getting some hair (at 2 1/2), my youngest has a lot more, and it's all in front! I find that keeping her bangs cut a bit shorter than usual really helps even it out, but if I'm not careful I end up with a very heavy, straight-across bang look like Jim Carrey in that picture.

    What seems to work for me is to layer it, do you know how to do that? Where you trim it to the length you want, then pinch a little clump of it, pull it out to an angle, and trim it parallel to the head (but leaving the bottom edge, which is the trimmed bang line, uncut). My mother-in-law taught me that (she's cut family hair for years) after my first attempt at a trim caused her to refer to my baby girl as having "the little Dutch boy look." Hah.

  2. Alas, I tried something like that! But she wiggles so much it's impossible. And there's one longish chunk just kinda hanging down on one side because I gave up.

    Maybe if I liquored her up real good first...

  3. Try Sesame Street? I know exactly what you mean about wiggling so much, though. I have to sort of hold her head with one hand, and she still struggles. My toddler, at least, can be convinced that a haircut is a good and interesting thing. The little one just thinks she's about to be gouged with scissors. I made the mistake of trying it when she was tired, right before her nap, last time. Foolish, foolish me. Think the Jim Carrey look but angled down from left to right!