Saturday, July 11, 2009

Oh hah hah.

Lots of whining, very little funny in this one.

A couple days ago I started this entry and then got too tired to finish it. I'm bolding the parts that are no longer true:

So, we buy meats in bulk whenever we can. I then divide it up into bags and freeze it that way. We bought six pounds of ground beef the other day, and I put off the task for a couple days because it's really unpleasant. I hate raw meat.

Monday I finally got down to it (still well before the sell-by date): cleaned the kitchen counter, got my freezer bags out, washed my hands. Then I got the meat out. As I was setting it on the counter, it dripped all over my (clean, for once) kitchen floor. Ew. Ew times a thousand. So it went in the sink while I cleaned the floor... and the refrigerator shelf, and the vegetable compartment below it (which, thankfully, was empty), and the floor of the refrigerator, and the door seal. I have no idea how it got
everywhere just sitting there. Perhaps food has parties when the lights go out.

Cleanup done, I returned to the sink and opened the package there. And promptly threw up on the other side of the sink. Just kidding. But I really, really wanted to. Sour meat is like nothing else on this earth, people. It didn't yet smell particularly strong, but it was
foul. Something had torn through both the packaging and the plastic bag it was in, which meant happy fun bacteria time.

[However, I am so glad this happened Monday, and not, say today. Read on, friends.]

Still no stomach issues. Slight discomfort right when I wake up in the morning, but everything is more or less normal most of the time, as long as I don't let myself get too hungry.

But holy cows, the cravings. Last night I went to the grocery store because I HAD TO HAVE RAMEN RIGHT THAT MOMENT. And not just any ramen. It had to be the beef flavored Maruchan Ramen that comes in the styrofoam cup and has peas and corn and carrots and fake pieces of meat (pretty sure it's beef-flavored soy product). I've already gone through half the package. I firmly believe that cravings hit for a reason, most of the time (for both pregnant and not-pregnant people). Doesn't mean the food itself is exactly what you need (I mean, hello? ramen?), but I think it usually has something in it that you need. So I looked at the nutrition information, and ramen is made of two things, basically: starch and iron. It has tons of iron! Like, 15% of your daily values in that one little package.

I've also had a bit of restless leg problems, which I've read can be caused/exacerbated by low iron. This is strange because my iron count has always been freakishly high. But, of course, pregnancy does completely insane things to you.

Yes, the aversions have begun. The very idea of eating that ramen makes my stomach churn. Here I was, all, "Oh, this time around has been GREAT! I feel so good! Yay me!" and then the pregnancy fairy laughed in my face and kicked me in the stomach. Repeatedly.

I halfheartedly ate some crackers this morning and half a banana (The Glutton Child ate the other half). Water tastes like ashes and dead skunks. Yesterday's delicious vegetable beef soup tastes like dead skunks and rotting mushrooms.

We were watching Angel this morning, and this episodes baddie has the last name of Fries. And that's when I knew what I could eat today. Fries! Yay! I would really like the kind that is made of actual potato, not the McDonald's kind, but options are pretty limited around here. *My Perfect Husband, in response to my, "Oh! Fries!" offered to shower and go get me some. I did not turn that offer down.

*At some point or another today, he will probably be known as That Idiot because, HELLO MOOD SWINGS! Yes, I am, once again, turning into a cliché. Go me.

Yesterday we walked almost a mile to a fresh vegetable stand on the other side of town, only to realize we had no cash on us. So we went to the hardware store nearby to see if they had cash back on their machines. No such luck. Trekked back over to the bank and waited (on foot) in line for the drive-up ATM. After five minutes of standing around, we discovered the ATM was not dispensing cash. The gas station down the street didn't have cash back, either, but they DID have an ATM with a $2.50 fee. Oh, that sounds like a GREAT deal. Feh.

There are many things I miss about Madison that never even occurred to me before we moved. I was so ready to be rid of constant, pernicious road construction, idiotic pedestrian and cyclists, and busses that smelled of crazy cat ladies that I didn't even consider all the modern conveniences we'd be leaving behind.

There is no Target (sigh). No Woodman's (gasp!). Only one no-fee ATM. The farmer's market has a coffee cart (which is fantastic, actually) and a food tent (the corn on the cob and grilled chicken? TO DIE FOR, except right now thinking about it makes me want to barf) but no actual farm products. Like vegetables. Or meat (mmmm red meat is one thing that DOES sound good). Even the discount stores are grossly overpriced. It does have the best (and cheapest) bakery I have ever met in my life and an amazing hamburger stand, two good ice cream shops and two consignment shops that I would live in if I could. But stores for everyday things? HAH. And everything closes by 5. Which I do not understand. Most people who live here work outside of town. How do these stores do any business when they all close before everyone gets home from work? Does not compute.

Apologies for the whine-fest. I get like this when I'm hungry and all my favorite foods (and non-favorite foods) make me want to die. I'm going to lie here and moan while I wait for my fries.

Oh, and the best part? On top of Insane Pregnancy Fatigue, The Child has been waking up in the middle of the night every single night for the last two weeks straight. I have no idea why. I kind of want to die.

(not really. don't worry.)

She has never done this without some kind of encouragement from me (like caving and feeding her in the middle of the night). This time around, I haven't caved. Not once. She always stops within twenty minutes, just when I'm about to go in there and pat her. Last night, though, she screamed for over an hour. I went in there after twenty minutes and gave her some tylenol, thinking maybe she was teething. I can't tell if she is or not. It'll be a molar this time around, and it's hard to check back there. I hate teeth. The tylenol didn't help. Me going in there just made her mad. She cried for another 40 minutes. Yaaay.


  1. Uck, uck, and oog. Sorry the fairy came and got you.

    During my first pregnancy I was nauseous for about 2 months straight. I am proud and glad to report that I did not ralf a single time during my entire pregnancy, but low level nausea ALL stinking day sucks rocks. This post brings to mind how completely miserable that was. I really hope you can move on to the next symptom/stage soon.

    Also, I found that my munchkin has gone through stages where he would just wake up at 4am, every day, for no discernable reason, for about 1-2 weeks in a row, and then just STOP doing that one day for no discernable reason. (On top of the times when he had sleep disturbance due to teething.) Some of these phases were just "I wake up and cry until you pet me/arrange my blankie and I go right back to sleep" and others were "YAY! it's 4AM! WAKEY TIME!" and he'd be bright sunshiney awake and I'd go get him and try and keep him quiet in a room away from the other sleeping inhabitants of the house, until I couldn't stand it any more and I'd put him back in the crib and he'd pass out. Except this one time when he indicated he was hungry so I dug out the cheerios and that kid ate, I kid you not, almost THREE FULL CUPS of cheerios plus a full bottle of milk.

    (That's not to say I think he was always waking because he was hungry; it's just that that one event was so amazing I can't not mention it.)

    So, I'm crossing my fingers that you're at the tail end of one of these weird phases. Hugs on everything.

  2. Hey, that's what my first one was like! Constant nausea! All food tastes like something the cat wouldn't drag in! And then The One Thing I Can Eat Today was inevitably something that was not in our house. Perkins pancakes, usually.

    The Child slept over twelve hours straight last night. I slept nine. NINE! I am hoping this is the return of Champion Sleeper.

    Also, THREE CUPS OF CHEERIOS? I don't think I could even eat that much cereal.