Monday, March 16, 2009

What is wrong with me my goodness

A couple months ago one of you people wrote in one of your entries that you wanted another baby, and I was all like, "YOUR KID IS LIKE 8 MONTHS OLD OR SOMETHING HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?" I thought you were completely nuts and maybe needed a special doctor for your brain parts.

Well, guess what. Baby fever. I've got it bad. Somebody kill me before I do something rash.

I went on a really long walk today. With a really heavy baby in a moderately heavy stroller, up many, many hills and down just as many. It was awesome. It got up around 70F today. Sunny, mild breeze. The only way today could have been better is if a unicorn had pranced across our path while chasing a leprechaun who handed us a pot of gold. Oh, and if my leg muscles hadn't gone on strike about halfway home.

Anyway, my zeal in walking has a lot to do with the situation around my midsection. The pounds stopped coming off a week or so ago, and instead of rolls of fat, I've got flaps of skin. Flaps, like a human advent calendar. Only there aren't cool and exciting new windows under my flaps. Just more flaps.

I realize that exercising will do nothing about the condition of my skin. Only time will do that, but it makes me feel better. I was also wearing a magical shirt that makes my waist look like a toothpick. Do you ever have days where you just fabulous? Today was one of those days. I haven't felt like this since I had Grace.

She was also pretty thrilled with the weather. She snoozed for most of the walk, but the last half hour, we played peek-a-boo over the sunshade on the stroller, and oh my is The Child ever scary when she laughs. The laugh is cute, but the look in her eye is terrifying. Maniacal glee + overgrown baby = cheap horror movie in the making.

I got the lamest spam note on my last entry. It reads, "aa01cdb4cd valium pills cd635 ea874 4f53a tramadol 1d4de bd9f8". I'm not sure what that means. The reason it's lame is that there's no spam site to go to. Just gibberish letters and numbers and drugs. If you're going spam, spam right. Geez. Don't waste my time with this garbage.

Tomorrow is more of the same weather. I cannot believe it. James may even take the day off. I plan to drag him on a walk. Here, James, enjoy your day off! Let's EXERCISE!

(No, "exercise" is not a euphemism.)

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