Thursday, March 19, 2009

Crap the baby's hungry can't think of a title in time

I walked almost 4 miles yesterday. I was sick and miserable, but it still felt awesome. I did get a little sunburn, though. Great.

Breastfeeding not so great after all? Iiinteresting. I wouldn't even know how to go about fact-checking this, but still. I don't much get into her more feminist argument about breastfeeding, but it's interesting to me on other points. My guess is that there's some middle ground between "Breastfeeding Suxxors and Will Kill Yore Baybeez!" and "Formula = Poizun!" Why is it that no one falls in the middle? Seriously, folks. It's not like we have Good, Evil and No Man's Land here. It's baby-feeding, not vivisection.

ETA: I think a few of you misunderstood me. I rolled my eyes all the way through the part where she talked about unequal childcare blahdeblahdeblah. That's not what I was interested in. I'm wondering if what she said about the biological and nutritional benefits of breast feeding (that they're overblown) was true, and I have no idea how to check that. I'm not looking for a debate on breastfeeding. I do it, I love it, but I HATED it for a long time, and I completely understand when other people don't wish to do it.

First James was sick, then The Child was sick, and now I am sick. The Child had a pretty high fever last night (100.1F under the arm, which means it could have been as high as 101). We called the pediatrician. He said to give her some Tylenol and call in the morning if she was still feverish. Well, she's still pretty warm, but she's not cooking like she was. I think it's going down, so even though she still has it, I'll wait a little bit before freaking out and scheduling an appointment. Especially since the only ill effect she seems to be suffering is slight fussiness. Mostly she still gabbles away and chews on her feet and stares curiously at plastic bags. No lethargy or obvious pain.

And now, Lost, or, The Episode that Made Me Love Sawyer a Hundred Times More:

Sun kicks butt. And she has great hair. I think she's my new Scully, my new Sidney Bristow. But poor Ben. If you'd told me in Season 2 that I'd feel sorry for him, I would have laughed in your face. Guy just can't catch a break.

Aaaw. Ethan as a baby. It's kind of heartbreaking. Imagine if Grace grew up to be a creepy murderer and pregnant-lady snatcher. I would be sad.

Jack! Workman! AWESOME. Not that there's anything wrong with custodial work, but imagine how Jack feels about it. Mwahahah. Is it too much to hope that Kate will have similar duties?

Speaking of which... you KNOW Juliet left her hanging like that on purpose. I smell a catfight abrewin'. I hope Juliet crushes Kate. Maybe thereafter Kate will be bearable. Or maybe she'll become even whinier, if such a thing is possible.

Lostpedia, stop fancying up your front page. I have cable internet, and you still take too long to load. Idiots.

Phil is suspicious.

Oh, SNAP, Sawyer. That is so true about Jack just reacting. And hey, Jack, the only reason you even got off the Island is because Sawyer JUMPED. Otherwise you'd all be dead in the ocean right now. Remember when Jack was likable? What happened? Are we supposed to hate him? And Kate, too? I've often wondered about this.

This is totally young Ben. I just know it.

Yes! Oh, this was a sweet episode. I'm too icky-feeling still to write anything more, though. My thinking parts are not all there yet. Until next time, Namaste

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