Monday, March 2, 2009

Gimme NOW!

The Child can now roll back to front (a month early!). She can't roll front to back (a month late!). She hates being on her stomach. This is going to be fantastic fun.

Some jerk on YouTube yelled at me because MAH POOR INNUSINT BEBE IS BEIN TORCHERRED YOU F***** IDJIT!!! This bothers me a whole lot more than it should. Especially since I put in the video description (for this very reason) that the tights on her head didn't bother her at all. She doesn't even seem to notice they're there. Why did that comment piss me off so much? I have no idea.

The house is really, really clean. I have nothing to do with myself. This morning I went around the house, picking up clothes that didn't even really need washing, and I started a load. It's too cold to go outside for a walk. I like to save TV for when I'm feeding Grace. What to do? Help me, Internet!

My little party was on Saturday. There were a few gifts: a Baby Einstein video, an adorable jumper, a handmade hat (is adorable; must get pictures of MAH POOR INNUSINT BEBE in it), a gift card to TGIFriday's + free babysitting for an evening, and a cute bib. I don't plan to have Grace watching TV for a very long time, but I'm keeping the video anyway. 99% of all the people I know who were all anti-TV when their babies were small finally caved around two years. And the ones who didn't still let their kids watch a few minutes here and there. So I'll keep it.

It's better than Sesame Street. I hate that show more than you could ever imagine, especially since Demon-Posessed Tickle Me Elmo came out. Now I don't just hate the show; it also gives me the heebies. I tell you one thing: Barney will never cross the threshold of this house. Never ever. Just thinking about that purple atrocity makes my skin crawl. I once babysat kids who liked Barney and Power Rangers. A lot. And by "a lot", I mean those kids would have laid down their lives for any of the characters of those two shows. It very nearly came to that one night after I was forced to watch the same Barney video six times over.

It's supposed to be 40F on Wednesday, then 46F on Thursday. Saturday and next Wednesday look like they'll be a little chilly, but after that, it looks like spring may finally be creeping in. This is good because I'm climbing the walls. We had nice weather juuuust long enough that the 20s feel too cold to go outside now, and now it's been in the 20s for several days. Hahah, Wisconsin, you're freaking hilarious.

I'm stir crazy and nervous and antsy. I hate this part of the year almost as much as I do the onset of winter. I'm trying to teach Grace how to roll, and I'll watch her struggle for a toy just out of her reach. It's millimeters from her grasp, and this infuriates her. That's how I feel about spring and warmer weather. It's right there; why can't I just have it?

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