Thursday, February 26, 2009


Oh, thanks, LOST. I really needed to see that horrifying shard of shin bone ONE MORE TIME.

HALLELUJAH! Locke's alive! And maybe a little creepier than he was before. Is this really Locke? It better be. Like I said, if Locke is really dead, I'm done with this show.

Tunisia? I am telling you, people, ley lines. Check this out: Ley Line in Tunisia.

Abaddon! Yes! I love this guy. I love the actor, I love the creepy character. Also, he is very handsome. In a creepy way.

Widmore? I love this show. Is he evil? Is he really going to help for the right reasons? Who is the Devil? Widmore or Ben? Or are they opposing factions within the same side?

Holy crap Walt is twelve feet tall. Is Michael really dead? I mean, if Jin survived, it's possible Michael did, too. Of course, Jin was out on deck when the explosion happened, and I think Michael was down below.

Abaddon! No! He might be evil, but I liked him! That surprised me so much I jumped.

Terry O'Quin has some creepy toes. But how I love him. He's so badass on the Island and so pathetic and sad off the Island, and he just nails that; I don't even know how he does it. He was great on Alias, too.

Ben really did seem to want John to live. He didn't change his mind until John talked about spilling the beans to Sun. Ben knows they can't get back to the Island without everyone who left. Now, either he's desperate to get back for selfish reasons or because he knows something terrible will happen if they don't return. He did seem upset about killing John, but he did it anyway. Does he know John will come back? And why is he okay with letting Sun's baby, Aaron and Walt stay off the Island?

Okay, here's what I think: I think Ben isn't good or bad. Yes, I think he's power-hungry; he's pissed that Locke is the special one. But I think that's a secondary motivator; Ben is on the Island's side, and everything he does is in the best interest of the Island. North on his moral compass points to whatever is best for the Island. Now, he might be wrong about what is best for the Island, and his desire to regain Jacob's favor may skew his judgement, but I don't think he's 100% evil. He killed Locke because he knew Locke wouldn't be able to break his promise to Jin, removing any motivation Sun would have to return. It just so happens that killing Locke removed the person who supplanted him. Bonus!

Widmore, on the other hand--I think everything he does is to gain power. I don't think he was ever in charge of the Others, as he told Locke he was. I think he wanted to be, and he challenged the authority of whoever was in charge. Does this sound familiar. Could it be... Satan? He's spent the rest of his life trying to get back the Garden Island and gain control, and he will do anything to achieve those goals.

He fooled Locke by comparing himself to Ben, asking, "Have I ever tried to kill you, John?" (paraphrase) This is completely irrelevant. John himself would kill anyone who was a threat to the Island (Naomi! Does anyone remember her?), and he would offer up his own life if he thought it necessary. It doesn't matter that Ben has tried to kill him and Widmore hasn't. What matters is that Ben has killed and tried to kill for the sake of the Island and Widmore has only ever done anything for Widmore.

Remember Desmond going to Widmore and asking for Mrs. Hawking's address? Widmore gives it to him despite the obvious danger his own daughter will be in if Desmond goes down this path. He gives it to him because he knows Mrs. Hawking and the gang will find a way back to the Island. Now, I don't know why he needed to send Desmond if he knew where she lived all along; maybe he thought that Desmond needed to return, too, in order for the plan to work. But I bet ten dollars that he's either on plane, followed the plane, or has one of his people on the plane. Something. There's a reason he gave Desmond what he wanted, when before he wanted nothing to do with him.

Also, Abaddon's name. In the Bible, the place or person Abaddon is evil, associated with Sheol, death, and darkness. I know this doesn't make it 100% certain that he's not a good guy, but it's possible. Or maybe it's a red herring, and he's really an angel of light.

I'm starving. Lost makes me go hungry. I think I have a problem.

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