Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stream of consciousness and wacky theories on Lost

Thoughts that pop into my head as I watch:

The lawyers are from Grandma Littleton!

If Charlotte dies, can I have her hair?

There's gotta be a reason they're suddenly specifying the flash forwards as "Three Years Later".

Sun's gonna steal Aaron!

So help me if Locke is killed of for real, I'm finished with this show.

The Island is The Garden of Eden! I called it!

Smokey is the angel guarding it.

Or the four-toed statue is the angel guarding it! I don't care that they've said it had no meaning. I don't believe that for a second.

Why is The Child waking up now?

Oh, red herring! Should have seen that coming.

Ten bucks says it's Jin.

Oh yeah, who's your mother?

Oh, The Sickness is the nosebleed thing.

Is it just me or does Thomas (Aaron's dad) look a LOT like a younger Ben?

Okay. I'm back. Baby is sleeping for (hopefully) the next half hour.

I think the Island is the Garden of Eden--not sticking strictly to the biblical Garden of Eden, but I see hints here and there: It's a paradise; sickness tends to be healed there; Smokey the Scary Security System could be the angel guarding the place (sans flaming sword, unfortunately); once you leave, you can't come back and your life goes to pot (well, sometimes--Jack, Hurley, Sayid). Also, people who have left the island seem to spend the rest of their lives trying to get back (like Widmore).

I think Widmore might be Satan, then. Possibly. OR Ben is. Not in the specific sense as spelled out in the Old and New Testaments but in the idea of Satan = adversary, father of lies. Okay, that's stretch, too. I kind of like the idea of Ben being Satan. Benjamin was a son of Jacob. "Benjamin" means "son of the right hand". Ben used to be Jacob's right-hand guy, and now he's not. He's fallen from favor. The same thing happened with Satan. Okay, again, a stretch. This stuff is so fun, though.

It also occurred to me that Ben might have more to do with Aaron than we realize; it may have been completely unintentional, but Aaron's dad looks to me like a younger Ben.

I think the Sickness Rousseau was so obsessed with may not just be a figment of her imagination; what if it has to do with the nosebleeds somehow?

Okay, this part is really, really, really stretching it, since the four-toed statue is supposedly not anything significant. I, personally, don't buy that. But whatever. The statue made me think of the Colossus of Rhodes, a statue of the god Helios. Helios had two sisters, Selene and Eos. Eos was goddess of the dawn. Her home was at the edge of Oceanus. Oceanus, Oceanic? Ah? Yeah, I know. Long shot.


  1. When I watch Lost it reminds me of the fraility of existence and usually makes my brain explode.

    I then change the channel to Flapjack on Cartoon Network and giggle about a whale who lets people live inside her.

  2. Hah! I don't think deeply about Lost most of the time. I usually spend entire episodes wondering why they'd want to leave the Island when they have all that amazing fresh fruit just waiting to be eaten. And wondering if it will ever be physically possible for me to reach through the computer screen and give Kate a big black eye.

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  4. Stream Lost: I removed your comment by mistake. Sorry about that!

  5. Not a problem No-omi. I will still return to your blog. Sharing views on blogs is something I enjoy but approving my comments is at your sole discretion