Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's three degrees in here.

Dear Canada, do you really have to hoard your good shows? I got really excited about Being Erica when CFF brought the videos to my attention (scroll down on the Being Erica blog; there are, I think, 15 videos or so). So I tracked down the website and got really excited when I saw the tab that said, "View Episodes". Then I got angry when Canada had a message that said, "Oh sorry if you're not Canadian, you're not good enough to watch our show." This is lame. If the show is only viewable online by Canadians, they're missing out on some pretty huge advertising revenue. The estimated population of Canada is about 33.5 million people. California alone has more potential viewers than that. *Something good finally comes out of Canada, and we're not allowed to have it. But we are allowed to have Shania Twain. I ask you how this makes sense. If you are Canadian, please assist me in understanding.

*A joke! Some of my best friends are Canadian! And even some family. No, really.

All that work and angst yesterday, and today she falls fast asleep in the bouncy seat while I'm in the shower. Bright light, no bouncing, nothing. Just SNOOOOOORE. She's been sleeping for an hour and a half now. She's right next to the toilet that I haven't cleaned in a week, inhaling toilet spores. This makes me an awesome mother.

Now the question is: do I make her nap in the bathroom from here on out, or do I try to nudge her in the direction of bedroom and crib? We have two bathrooms, so that's not a problem. I just don't want her to be 14, and the only place she can sleep is on the bathroom floor. That would mean I'd actually have to clean my bathroom floors from time to time.

Remember a while ago, how I forgot we had a cat, and it scared the living daylights out of me? Yeah, that keeps happening.

I got an electric throw for Christmas. It is so soft, like it was woven from unicorn fur or something. So of COURSE the cat has claimed and regularly rubs her butt on it. People wonder why I have no fondness for cats. Dogs might be dirty and slobbery, but cats are too. They're just stealthy about it (Oh, look at me! I'm so clean! I bathe myself! WITH MY SALIVA.) (And so do dogs, CAT, so don't act all high and mighty just because you have a barbed tongue). And dogs don't act like the Queen of Everything or steal your stuff. Or hate you forever because you took their man.

Anyway, she is finally acknowledging my existence. Mostly by walking up to me and claiming me via scent gland. I have cat cheek molecules all over my clothing. And my couch. And my nursing pillow. She probably claims the baby, too, when I'm not looking. Or she hates the baby and is biding her time until she can eat it for breakfast. I think our heavyweight champion could probably take her. Maybe that's why Cat is warming up to me; a greater evil has come along, and she is attempting to gain an ally.


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