Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I found "bidet" in Boggle yesterday!

We got a rocking chair with our Christmas money. Most awesome non-necessity ever. Next to the bouncy seat. I can sit Grace on my lap and read to her, and she doesn't flip out.

In fact, I just spent about half an hour reading to her, and she was silent and still (almost) the whole time. Not sleeping, just listening.

Call me superstitious, but I've long believed that something makes children act up during church/prayer/Bible reading. I'm kind of half joking, but that does seem to be the way it goes, even with children who are too young to know they're supposed to be bored and fidgety.

Grace is no exception. I could do Bible reading with enthusiasm and try to do all the voices, and she would fuss the whole time. I could read her a fairy tale (no pictures) in a monotone, and she would listen, quiet as a mouse. And it doesn't matter what order I go in. I remember being a kid and dreading Bible reading after dinner. It seemed to last hours. But she's three months old. Her entertainment is my voice. So I don't know what the deal is.

Whose bright idea was it to manufacture scented diapers? Probably the same person who invented scented tampons. Talk about lipstick on a pig.

It seems that the more inexpensive the diaper, the more heavily scented it is. This makes no sense. Neither does wanting my kid's butt to smell Powder Fresh (just like my armpits, which, don't get me started). If her diaper is clean, she smells just fine on her own. If her diaper is dirty or wet, Powder Freshness only makes it nastier. So just lay off, diaper manufacturing people.

I can't believe I have to buy Huggies (slogan: Wrap your baby's bottom in solid gold (at least, that's what we're charging you)!) to get diapers that don't reek from a mile away. I'm thinking of just making my own diapers out of old towels, used Wal-mart bags, and duct tape.

We go to Indiana this week. I'm much more excited about it than I was last week. Grace seems to have turned a corner. She's been pleasant for whole days at a time. Sunday and today she cried for a grand total of about ten minutes each. So this trip no longer has the inner me cowering in a corner. And I'm excited to see family. I like James's family. But this time of year is so exhausting (and we don't even engage in half the level of activities most families do). I just want it to be OVER. Also, I'm getting chubbier, and my grandma-in-law will cram cookies down my throat until I barf.

The sad part is that I will enjoy every single one of those cookies. Ugh.

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