Wednesday, January 1, 2003

About Me

My name is Naomi.

I have a kid (The Child, or Grace, or, on occasion, that kid). I have another kid on the way. For now it is known as 2.0.

I have a husband (James, or his real name, which I sometimes put in by accident).

I laugh at everything. It keeps me sane.

I'm socially awkward and shy, but I'm also an extrovert. I love people. This means that, in an effort to impress the cool kids with my stunning wit, I often get nervous and just blurt out wildly inappropriate statements that aren't the least bit funny, and everyone stares at me like a rhinoceros sprouted out my skull, and then I want to sink into a hole and die.

Much of this blog is about one of the above four items. (The first, "My name is Naomi," does not offer up much writing material)

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  1. Hi, fellow E-Heller. I love your blog and now follow. I noted you as a Lovely Blog Award in a little fun award thing I just did... More of a "chain" sort of award but thought you might enjoy the mention :) Megan AKA Sugar/Sugar Shack

  2. You're your mother's daughter, for sure. Except I'm not usually funny. An exception to that rule happened Sunday. I had nursery, but no kids were in it, so I was sitting outside the sanctuary. One of our elders came out, went into the bathroom. A minute later Diane came out. She told me she heard ___'s cell phone ring and he left. She thought maybe he was being called away. I told her he was in the bathroom. She said she'd be happy to take his family home after church if he had to leave. I replied, "He locked the door." Where did THAT come from??? I wasn't trying to be funny. Yup. Your mother's daughter. You are.

  3. Hah! That's where I get it! I always assume Dad was the reason I say inappropriate things. A customer once came up to me with a bowl of ketchup in her hand and asked, "Is this ketchup?" I thought, "Ummm... what else could it be?" So of course I said, "No. It's blood." It was a pretty horrible three seconds before she started laughing instead of reporting me to a manager.