Monday, April 27, 2015

Stupid People

Other people are stupid. I walk around, convinced of my smartness. I am better. I am smarter. I never text while wandering aimlessly down a sidewalk. I drive around. I am clever. I use my turn signal. I am considerate of other drivers. I am better.

Oops. I pulled out in front of you. It's an anomaly. This is not the kind of driver that I am. I almost never do stupid things. I am conscientious. I care about other people. You are stupid. I just make the rare mistake.


People, no.

We are all stupid, and we are all jerks. A lot of the time. Please stop posting on Facebook about how stupid everyone else is. You're a jerk, and I'm a jerk, and we're all stupid a lot of the time. We ask forgiveness or shyly duck our heads as we slink behind the person we cut off.

Just stop it. This is humanity.

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