Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I love cars

Sometimes I wish we lived back in a time and place when it was uncommon for people to go anywhere except on foot. I mean, dysentery and not being able vote are both less than ideal, but imagine if shopping were situated close enough for walking. No car? No problem! If you've never had gangrene and an amputation.

With the money we have spent fixing our cars in the last six months, we probably could have bought a whole new vehicle (but an old enough vehicle that it would need repairs of its own soon). It's hot enough here lately that our car can't keep up cooling the engine. I ride around with the windows down and the heat on. To complete the picture: we are also missing three hub caps. It's my childhood on repeat. To be fair to me, we have cars with windows that actually roll down, and I don't have to keep a fire extinguisher on the passenger seat to put out the engine when it starts on fire (yes, that is a real thing that happened, and when I was 5 I thought it was TOTALLY NORMAL).

And the alternator on our van just broke. It's like the lottery of awesome. If you are our local mechanic.

On a positive note, we just paid off the last of one of our student loans that was costing us $100/month.

On the other hand, if we hadn't paid that off, fixing both cars would not be a problem at all.

On the other hand, yay for less debt.

If one of my children ever wants to go to college for 8 years, she had better become something where earning lots of money is involved.

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