Thursday, October 3, 2013


Winter is coming, and I am not a Stark.

In a totally unsurprising turn of events, I managed to get the flu a week and a half before I was planning on getting the shot. Well, I'm pretty sure it was the flu. Fever, sore EVERYTHING, coughing, coughing, and then some more coughing. I'm still coughing, even though I'm basically all better. Cold, dry air makes these things so much worse.

I have been so low on energy and willpower these last couple weeks that mealtime has been whatever is non-toxic and lying still. Between that and all the doing of absolutely nothing, I was really afraid to get on the scale yesterday. But I had to know the damage.

I gained just under a pound. A pound! Hah! I love being neurotic.

I had my first workout in two weeks today. It was about as expected. I ran for five minutes and gave up, but lifting was okay. In fact, all the coughing seems to have improved my core muscles. Yay for silver linings.

Both children are in preschool. Emmy can kind of color in the lines now, and she has learned a couple of letters. By this age, I think Grace was drawing recognizable pictures and knew most of the letters. I love the differences between them. Emmy is a very smart kid; her brain just works so differently. She will be the creative, insane one. Grace will be the anal retentive engineer.

So, with both children in school for two and a half hours every other day, I can go out in the day by myself and... do things. Sometimes I run outside. Sometimes I go grocery shopping in under an hour. Sometimes I get a day's worth of housework done. Sometimes I just sit in the living room with a cup of coffee and do nothing. It feels weird and wonderful at the same time. I think I will miss them when they're in school full time, but this is perfect.

The bad part is that they will now bring home a whole new variety of diseases, other than the ones we get from the gym and church and all the found objects Emmy licks. I think that, "But at least it's good for the old immune system!" is just a chant that people recite when they're tired of cold and flu season. When I'm 80 and never get sick, I'll be happy that my kids brought home all these science projects, but for now it just makes me grouchy.

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