Monday, June 3, 2013

We moved!

I'm so excited to have a shorter address. Our first street name was Robin Hills Drive, with an apartment number on the end. Then it was something nice and short. And then it was North Park Trail Way, with an apartment number again. I am certain that whoever comes up with these names is a person who has never had to fill out a form himself in his entire life. I especially enjoy it in the grocery checkout, when I sign up for a frequent shopper card. The people behind me burst into flames of anger because it takes so long to fill out a form.

Now it's 4653 E. 2315 South. I could make it even shorter by writing "S." instead. The power!

*These are not our exact street names, since I like to throw at least a few anti-stalker tokens out once in a while, even though I'm certain that will never happen anyway. But they're the same length, approximately, and it's completely absurd.

So, we moved. I am also excited about several other things:

1. My sister (Or whoever! Just let me know ahead of time! If you just show up, I might call the cops!) can visit, and the 86 young children in an apartment won't create a rip in the space-time continuum.

2. We have a yard. A fenced-in yard.

3. My oven is self-cleaning. In fact, it is self-cleaning RIGHT NOW. It smells like Mordor up there, but I don't care.

4. We can walk to and from church. And "we" includes the children, who are still small enough that they still have spontaneous leg failure on occasion.

5. The kids have their own rooms. THEIR OWN ROOMS. Do you know how much sleep has happened in the last week? Hours. Hours and hours and hours. And hours! Everyone is getting along better. The first two days were rough because they had many eruptions of rampant whining. But then they got used to it here, and we kind of like each other again.

Things I am not excited about:

1. Our yard. It is filled with sand burrs and tiny pieces of glass. The kids have gotten a little tougher in the last week, but I still think it's unsafe. We will have to shop vac the entire yard. Yes, I will be the neighbor who vacuums her yard.

That's actually about it. Everything else is fantastic. I haven't even seen a single spider.

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  1. awesome! And the way you tell it is even "awesomer".:-)