Monday, May 13, 2013

Busy busy busy

So I did, in fact, mishear the receptionist over the phone. Or she misread. I suspect she said, "There's NO tear on the labrum," and I heard, "There's A tear on the labrum." I know I didn't just make it up because I'd never heard it before, and, as one of my noters also thought, it really sounded like it was more of a lady parts problem than a shoulder problem. Which made me think for just a second that the MRI tech was really incompetent.

I have bursitis. So, it still sucks, but I will be okay. I go to PT this Thursday, so hopefully whatever he has me do will help get me back to swimming.

We have found a house to rent, and we signed papers on it today! It has four bedrooms, two bathrooms and family rooms, a not-horrible kitchen, a dining room that is completely open to one of the family rooms (making it possible to expand our table if needed), and a backyard. It also smells nice and has new carpet and tile floors.

The drawbacks: the backyard is a little weird and small, and the garage has been converted to a studio apartment and has tenants.

The children have been at their absolute worst for nighttimes. I am looking forward to them having their own bedrooms more than I am almost anything else. Whoever would think that your kids loving each other and getting along well would be a problem? But they're sleep-deprived and grouchy, which makes me grouchy (and sometimes sleep-deprived), and most days lately have been a TARGET="about_blank">Sneaky Hate Spiral.

I did start running outside most mornings, which usually changes my attitude for the better for at least a couple of hours. Much as I hate getting up early, I have to say that once I'm awake, I'm a much more cheerful, energetic person than when I get up just an hour later. Even if I don't go to bed earlier. Odd.

Jeremy went on another trip at the beginning of this month. He was gone for over a week, and I went nuts on the apartment. I started with the office, which has always been the repository for random crap we don't know what to do with. I'm a compulsive purger, but even I haven't really touched the office since we moved. It started out as our repository for random crap, and I just never got a foothold. So I spent five hours clearing it out. I threw away or gave away so much stuff. When I was done, it was the cleanest room in our place.

So that launched me into the rest of the apartment. I did a couple of closets, the kitchen, and the pantry. I sold our elliptical and packed up most of our books in order to collapse a bookshelf and tuck it away. I packed away half our belongings and stacked them neatly in the garage, which I also emptied of extra stuff.

I didn't tell Jeremy I did all this, so it was quite a surprise when he walked in the door. I did tell him ahead of time, "When you see what I've done, I need for you to act far more enthusiastic than is in your nature, otherwise I will cut you." So I'm not sure it was genuine or not. But I don't really care.

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