Thursday, January 12, 2012

Den of Pestilence

Well, it's been quite the month.

Since mid-December: illness, illness, travel, strep, travel, illness, illness, illness, husband gone for two and a half weeks, fever, can't leave the house for days and days except for necessities, illness, ear infections, Grace waking up in the middle of the night all of the time and thinking it's morning, so she comes out to the living room and sits in a daze, like, "Why am I so exhausted?" and/or crying in confusion and waking me up.

It's been AWESOME.

Really, though, now that the end is nigh, I'm feeling okay. Tuesday was a low point. The kids were at the absolute unhealthiest, I was imagining days and days of not leaving the house (Jeremy doesn't get home until next Wednesday), and the sleep deprivation was really creeping up on me.

I texted a friend, "Do you think you could come over this evening? I'd really love to just hang out with a friend." Now, she's a busy lady, especially this time of year, since she's our church's resident baker. And she just threw a party for her three year old on Saturday. On Sunday night she picked up some diapers and diaper rash cream for me (poor, poor Emmy). Not a moment's hesitation on that one. Just, "Sure! What do you need?" So I didn't really want to make ANOTHER request, but I was about to lose my mind, and she's one of my favorite people.

Not only did she say, "Sure!" but she also said, "Can I bring margaritas?"


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