Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Levi's?

Hi! How are you all? I am fantastic.

Except for STILL being a bit sleep-deprived. My own fault, though, for staying up far too late to revel in my children's rediscovered good sleep habits.

And the horrible, awful weather here. I was certain we moved to Utah. I could have sworn it. But there's a whole lot of Wisconsin out there right now. Dear Wisconsin, I hate you. Go home.

What else?

Oh! I have no pants that fit. Yes, this is a nice problem to have, but it's going to get expensive, even if I do only buy things from thrift stores anymore.

My thighs are getting larger. Trimmer, but larger. And my waist is getting smaller. Oh, boo hoo, right? I know. But see, it's already hard enough for me to find pants that fit right. My old pants that I had been wearing are ENORMOUS around the waist, and I can barely squeeze them over my legs. It's really frustrating, my friends.

Has anyone tried the new Levi's Supreme Curve jeans? I want to try them. I have heard good things. But I also heard good things about the Gap's Curvy Fit jeans, which, well, I don't know what their definition of "curvy" was, but I am pretty sure it didn't involve actual people who have carried gigantic children around in their torsos for nine months. On some levels, I am so glad I didn't actually give birth to either of my kids. It would be so much harder to find anything that fits.

I think perhaps I will just switch to long denim skirts.

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  1. Express's "curvy" jeans are the same as the Gap's. Sure, they're curvy if you're only slightly larger than a prepubescent girl, but if you actually have *curves*? Forget it. Muffin top city or impossible to get over your thighs.

    Skirts aren't a bad idea. I wear them a lot when I just don't feel like braving Jeans Land.