Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Today is ever so much better

I would love to take the girls swimming during the day, but doing it by myself kind of scares me. Emmy would happily drown herself if I didn't duct tape her to my hands, and Grace is terrified of water any deeper than six inches. Might as well be acid. I'm going to take her swimming a lot next summer. Our pool is open 24 hours, and one-on-one, I'm not worried. I just can't imagine keeping track of both of them in such a dangerous place. I know I probably sound overly paranoid, but I almost drowned as a kid, and despite my love of swimming, I've never completely gotten over my fear of water, either. Especially not when my kids are involved.

We went and saw our new apartment last night. Well, it was a different apartment, same floor plan.


As much counter space as the kitchen in our house, lengthwise. But it's about a foot deeper. And granite. And the microwave is mounted over the stove, so that's an extra 4-5 sq feet (because our microwave sat in the corner on a diagonal, and that whole corner was unusable for any practical purpose, not because we had a microwave the size of a Panzer). A dishwasher! A pantry! A refrigerator that will hold more than a carton of eggs and a turnip! Drawers that roll easily! Cupboards that shut! No blasted radiators to lose peas and onion skins under!

If the rest of our apartment were a garbage heap, the kitchen alone would still make me happy.

The master bath has a gigantic tub. Okay, I've seen bigger, nicer tubs, but for an apartment, it's pretty spacious. I could fit in there sideways while pregnant with Grace, which is more than I can say for most other tubs (and doorways and grocery store aisles) in existence.

Walk-in closets in each bedroom.

Directly across the street from Jeremy's work and within walking distance of one of the best grocery stores in the area (or so I'm told--it's WinCo).

The girls have been sleeping like little champions since I last wrote. And I think they may just be good enough to nap in the same room together. I think I'll try it tomorrow. I've been skipping Emmy's morning nap. She's on the verge of giving it up, and while she might be a little crankier toward afternoon naptime, she sleeps much better and longer, and is happier overall. Plus, if they nap in the same room, it may buy me a few extra minutes while they cackle at each other after waking up.

Right now Emmy is awake in there, talking to herself and blowing bubbles and thumping around the crib. I suspect she's practicing walking. She takes a step or two at a time all day long, but I still wouldn't call her a walker. She's so, so close, though. Earlier today, she walked halfway across the living room before face-planting, but I haven't seen that feat repeated.

I should get her up soon, but it's too much fun to listen to her.


  1. I'm glad you're settling in, even if only little by little!

    There is something really awesome about a super nice apartment. I'd take a crappy house over a crappy apartment any day, but even with the close proximity problems, I'd have a tough time choosing between a nice apartment and a not-so-nice house.

    I agree with you about the importance of the kitchen, though! I'm willing to put up with a ton of things I dislike about my current apartment, pretty much entirely because it has the biggest apartment kitchen I've ever seen.

  2. Coming over from EH... and you're going to LOVE Win-Co. Their bulk bins make my grocery budget actually possible. Great produce prices, good dairy/meat prices, good generic brands as well as name brands... I can bag my own groceries, so overall, it rocks. Since it's so near by, you can even take "field trips" with little kids, to go buy a treat of fruit or something from the bulk section.

  3. I'm glad to read this (belatedly, I know) and hear that it was such an upgrade. When I read on FB that you were in an apartment instead of a house, I wondered if you were having to downgrade because UT was more expensive or something- I'm really glad to hear that you're in a place that is making you happy. :)