Saturday, December 18, 2010

My head is too small

Remember the "My Brain Is Full" entry a ways back? Yeah, that's what's been going on. People to see One Last Time, chipped paint to take care of, children to keep alive, et cetera. It also means my funny bone is mostly gone, but I'll update just because a few of you have asked. Once I'm less overwhelmed, I'm sure I'll have all sorts of things to say. Probably more than you want to hear.

Emmy is thisclose to walking. Grace was thisclose to walking for months, but she's certainly more cautious than Emmy. I don't think Emmy will wait until she can walk perfectly. She's perfectly happy crashing into sharp objects all over the place. I catch her halfway up the stairs several times a day. Blockading them with chairs doesn't work anymore. She just slides right under. I'm so glad we're moving soon. Carrying her on my back all the time is good for me, but it's also tiresome.

Speaking of Grace, she is suddenly... normal.

She's still shy, but she smiles at and flirts with anyone and everyone so long as one of us is close at hand. She asks for vegetables. She picks up mushy food. She doesn't throw a fit if I wait until the end of breakfast to wipe the yogurt off her face and bib. Screaming during hairwashing has gone from Psycho to barely a yelp. She ate seven large, weird-looking mushrooms (in sauce!) at dinner today. I don't know what happened, but I'm not going to question it.

We found a good home for the cat. Jeremy dropped her off today. Huuuge weight off our shoulders.

That's all. I'm kind of fried. I'll be back soon. We move in two weeks, and then I'll never shut up.


  1. Congrats on Emmy almost walking! I remember when my second daughter started walking. It was a huge weight off my shoulders because it put her at slightly more equal footing with her sister, physically. She didn't get squashed/crushed/stepped on quite so often. Somehow, I don't think you have that problem with Emmy...

    And that's great that Grace is behaving so well for you lately. Must be that magic first 6 months of the year (from her birthday). I hope that helps the move go slowly. Don't expect to be done *too* soon after the move. We moved in early October and I'm still trying to get things clean and decluttered and set up. Of course, I'm probably lazier than you are. :)

  2. I am the reigning Queen of Lazy!
    We moved in November 2009 and I still have boxes of stuff in my room. :P

    Good luck with the move!