Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Maybe it's another mouse.

I am in that unpleasant early stage of a cold. Something small and furry has crawled into my face and died, but it hasn't gotten really gross yet.

The poor children have been sorely neglected the last two days. Yesterday was OHMYGOSH HOUSE SHOWING MUST CLEAN! day. I trudged around like a crazy person (a really tired crazy person), getting the house all pretty, and the children were left to fend for themselves. Which is probably why they turned feral today.

No, they weren't that bad. This morning was pretty good. Emmy actually took a morning nap for the first time in days, and Grace was sweetness and light.

Post-afternoon nap was like the apocalypse.

I was too tired and nnnngh-feeling to be much of a mother. Grace had many face-melting outbursts, and Emmy cruised around the house, chewing desperately on one finger while yet another tooth evilly began poking its way through. This child sprouts teeth like dandelions. And she doesn't take it very well. How is it that the child who is fearful of everything is neither afraid of loud noises nor bothered by teething (the early ones, at least), but the child whose head is made of granite is terrified of anything louder than 10 dB and can't handle a couple of little teeth? The way she carries on, you'd think she were growing shrapnel in there.

I need to stock up on booze before the really nasty ones start coming in.

No feedback from the realtor on the showing yesterday. I didn't expect them to be impressed. Our house is nowhere near ready to sell, but we wanted to get it on the market quickly.

I cruised by the house while they were there. They were out in the front yard, looking decidedly unhappy, but that may have just been the insane wind whipping gashes into their flesh with their hair.

Speaking of wind, it has been blowing away since Monday night. I'm surprised our house is still standing. The tar paper on our half-finished back entrance is coming off. Super. That's okay; I don't think it costs much.

I ought to go to bed. I've had lousy sleep the last few nights, and I'd like my kids to still love me tomorrow evening.

Remember I have a new blog. It's definitely less fun than this one, but I could use some ideas.

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