Friday, September 3, 2010

Frivolity! I promise!

Thanks for all the notes on the last entry. It helps SO MUCH to know that this is not anything terribly out of the ordinary. Why do all the cool kids have to live so far? I think the closest one of you is in St. Louis. You people are lame.

The Child likes to recite random words these days. I think she's experimenting with sentences, but doesn't quite realize that the words actually have to make sense together in order for it to work. Also, when she's upset, she recites her very favorite words. The more upset she is, and the harder she's trying to calm down, the longer the string of words. A few gems for you:

Hot baby grease!
Hot baby horses run daddies.
Hot titties run! (ahem. that's kitties.)

It seems "hot" is a new favorite.

I need to start writing these down because there were a few today that had me in tears. Going up the stairs behind her at bedtime tonight, she counted the steps. Only it was three counts to each step, and it went like this: "One... six, seven, eight... six, seven, eight..." all the way up. She can get to ten, but she's really, really fond of six, seven and eight. I heard her practicing at the end of her nap the other day. Other times her counting to ten sounds more like, "One, two, three, six, seven, eight, twelve, ten!" I know this is another one of those things that every kid in the world does, but I think it is hilarious.

Emmy went to bed an hour early tonight. She was SO grouchy this evening. It was like having a newborn all over again. A newborn with the lungs of a diva.

I hope this early bedtime does not mean I have to get up at six tomorrow morning.

I am losing my supply. I tried everything: fenugreek, beer, lots of water, extra feedings, tea, everything. The extra feedings are a little difficult anyway, since trying to feed Emmy if she's not hungry just makes her really mad. Things! To! Do! And! See! And pumping only works right away in the morning. Even with my awesome new pump.

I don't really mind that much. I've nursed her for almost seven months, and I still only have to supplement her very last feeding of the night, but for some reason it still makes me a little sad. And formula is expensive. I will have to hit up my friend for some tips on finding deals on formula. Silly me, I gave away all the free stuff we got in the mail, which would have been at least a couple weeks' worth.

As usual, I thought I had more to write about, but now I've forgotten. Earlier tonight, I had something very amusing to tell you people. I was SO AMUSING that I just knew I couldn't forget it. Kind of like my Very Logical Places, right? Will I ever learn?

(UPDATE: There are a few more pictures up on Facebook. They're on my wall. You'll have to scroll down just a little.)

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  1. I am discovering that I'm turning into the kind of person where, if I didn't write it down, it may as well not exist. I'm blaming it on work, which is requiring an increasing amount of my mental energy. But seriously, I did it twice today at work, within like 30 minutes. I really hope that whatever it is I was going to do and couldn't write down before I forgot about it isn't important. Or at least, that I remember what it was before I need to do it.

    Also, your daughter is adorable. I love it when little kids go through phases where they're definitely verbal, but speak in nonsense more often than not. It's hilarious!