Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I just took a Vicodin an hour ago or so. I may seem a little loopy. But not really fun loopy. I should have taken one more so I could at least be funny.

Don't worry. Nothing bad happened. I'm finally getting a permanent bridge in where that freak tooth got pulled, and they started by putting temporary crowns on the teeth on either side (they're going to solder the implant to the permanent crowns on either side, and I can't even begin to tell you how freaked out I am by the idea of having a soldering iron waved around in my face. This means grinding down the teeth, first, which means, inevitably, grinding the gums a little bit.

Just writing that made me want to throw up a little. Not the pain so much as the sounds. The only thing worse than the sound of a tooth grinding down is the sound of a tooth being pulled. I can now check those two things off my bucket list.

I didn't hurt much at all until a little bit ago. And then it started hurting like a mother. No idea why, but nothing seems amiss, so I might just be a sissy. That's very possible.

So. Our trip.

Was awesome.

Except for the getting to and from.

Emmy refused to nurse for takeoff. So that was fun. She screamed instead. Grace was okay. We discovered about halfway through the flight that if we just kept putting food in front of her, she'd stay quiet. And yes, we did drug her. I have no compunctions about that. Except that it didn't work. I didn't make her hyper or sleepy. It had zero effect. Okay, maybe it made her a tiny bit more mellow, but that might just be in my head. Normally we don't bribe her with food or treats, but on a plane full of other passengers, I'm willing to do just about anything to keep them as quiet as possible.

Even when they were fussing, you couldn't hear it more than two rows away. And the people around us were so nice. No dirty looks or dramatic sighs. Mostly just sympathetic looks. The old guy behind us was besotted with Emmy. He kept making faces at her and making her smile. Few things charm me more than people who think my kids are cute.

We couldn't find the hotel. The worthless GPS we rented for some ridiculous amount of money per day wasn't updated, so the hotel wasn't even in it. Oh, and it was also broken. So it kept drooping down to face the dashboard, like the dashboard could do anything with it. Maybe it had a crush.

We got to the hotel, only to find the promised cribs were not there. They arrived half an hour later. No bumpers. OK for Grace, but Emmy is still in the when-I'm-upset-I'm-going-to-smash-my-face-repeatedly-into-metal-bars phase. Jeremy went out to look for bumpers while I fed Emmy. An HOUR later he still wasn't back. Great. Stupid GPS.

No. The problem was that crib bumpers do not exist in Salt Lake City. He ended up spending $50 on a crib set just to get at the bumpers. Lame (but it is a cute set).

Other than those first few hiccups, the visit was so much fun.

The only place I've ever visited that is awesomer is Denver. We spent most of the two days just looking around the city. The zoo is all kinds of fun. Grace almost had brain aneurysms. She got to see two tigers play fighting. And MONKEYS. APESSSS. And BEAKS (she's strangely obsessed with any word that ends with an "-eek" sound; she repeats it over and over again with extra emphasis on the "k").

Our vacation was exactly the right length. Both girls slept perfectly the entire time we were there, even though Emmy's room was a corner of the main room (two-bedroom suite, with the entry in the kitchen/living area) behind a chair and under a blanket. I think one more day away from home would have been too much, but two days was exactly right.

The plane ride home went much better. Emmy was crabby, but I was much more at ease and handled it a lot better. We also all got to sit next to one another, Grace in the middle. And I had a window seat that time. Kidless, I could do that every single day.

Even part of the drive home went well. About an hour and a half from home, though, Grace dissolved into snot, screams, and tears, then passed out for fifteen whole minutes. Then she woke up and did it again. I missed two turns because I was so distracted by her. I think it only added about fifteen minutes to the drive, but it felt like centuries.

She was, of course, sunshine and lollipops the moment she came out of the car seat.

I think there were more interesting things that happened, but I'm having trouble recalling them. I'd like to go to bed, but I'm the SUPER AWAKE! kind of loopy. The kind where you lie in bed and count the bumps on your ceiling while your eyes bulge from their sockets.

Tomorrow is going to be so much fun. I can just feel it.


  1. I'm glad you had an awesome time. I'm glad the girls were good. Sorry about the teeth. Sorry this comment is so short. :)

  2. I am from the SLC area. We like to go the dinosaur museum that is about half an hour north of SLC. Your little girl would have loved it!
    (fellow Ehellion!)

  3. I'm not surprised about the crib bumpers thing. They definitely seem to have gotten enough people scared ("Baby will suffocate!") that they just aren't as prevalent as they used to be. I was actually really, really surprised when we got here (we're in temporary lodging, so furnishings supplied by the military) to see that they'd put a crib bumper on the crib. Which I took off at the first sheet change, because those things are a pain to change sheets around or to take off and on, and I already make things harder on myself by using a crib tent.

    I totally don't trust GPS to have specific businesses listed. It takes so long to update, and things don't always make it into the first update after they are built. Always have at least the address on hand, then you can type it in manually if it comes down to it.

  4. @adelas A short comment! You should be ashamed! :)

    @Amber We'll have to check it out if we go back. I love dinosaurs. So does Grace, but that's probably because every time we come across them in a book, I roar like a T-Rex. Well, my terrible impression of what I think a T-Rex might sound like.

    @penguins Yeah, I know crib bumpers pose some risk, but I'm not too concerned. Every action I take as a parent has some risk associated with it, it seems. I consider the slight risk acceptable if it means my children won't wake up screaming every night for months. I took the bumpers out for Grace, and when she started rolling, it was a total nightmare. Feet wedged in the slats, or face smashed into the bars. And at home, we have a fan running full-blast to move air around. Emmy's past the real danger zone (2-4 months). As for the GPS, yeah, we learned. Jeremy thought he had the address written down but then couldn't find it. It all turned out okay, though. Our patience was running short with each other and the girls, but we managed to make it to the hotel without divorcing or killing each other. :)