Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mice?? Seriously??


I just found what look like mouse droppings in my tupperware cupboard.

I'm not afraid of mice themselves (I think they're cute), but their habits disgust me. Like leaving droppings in my clean cupboard.

I just went through my entire kitchen and found only one other piece of evidence: a bag of egg noodles. It's clamped shut with a binder clip. This must be one lazy and/or stupid mouse because there's chewing all along the top part of the bag, above the clip. What a lame attempt at thieving.

I'm obsessive about ants and mice. It may even be a disorder. Almost everything goes into canisters. There are a couple boxes of pasta (the opened ones got thrown out), and that's it. Even rice goes in the freezer. Dishes aren't always washed right away, but they are always rinsed clean of food immediately.

Does this mean he's made his attempt and is now moving on, having decided this house bears little fruit? Or was he just chewing up plastic to make his nest?

How do I clean the cabinet? Hot soapy water and a cloth? Boiling water and bleach? Gasoline and a blow torch?


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