Monday, April 19, 2010

Girl likes her snacks

Results on little MiracleGro over here: 14 lb, 12 oz and 24.5 inches longs. She weighed 7 lb, 14 oz, and was 19.5 inches at birth. She bottomed out at 7 lb, 5 oz. So that means she's nearly doubled her birth weight and more than doubled her lowest weight. This usually happens around six months. She is two months old (Grace was 13 lb, 24 oz at this age, and she started out more than two pounds heavier).

The hilarious part is that all that weight has gone into her top half. Her thighs are pretty chubby, but they're not too bad, and they haven't gotten much longer. So she's still newborn-sized on the bottom and 6-month sized on top. This is awesome for picking out outfits. And for ridiculing a defenseless person. She's adorable, but so weird-looking. In a cute, ridiculous baby way.

Anyone else watch Dexter? I started watching through Netflix, and I'm totally addicted. Because this is just what I needed: another TV show to love.

I am cutting this short again because I'm completely exhausted. After a really good day Sunday, Grace decided to not sleep last night (which means I didn't either), and then she fell apart completely all morning. And then Emmy screamed a lot after her shots. James did take them away for about an hour this evening (and did dishes! *swoon*), but I'm still wrung out.

We really need to figure out something with Grace and the screaming at night. It's not night terrors. It's not thirst. More than half the time, if one of us goes in there, it's clear she's just manipulating us. And going in just seems to prolong the bouts of screaming.

And because I'm brain-dead, it didn't occur to me before now that she's falling about all the time because she's sleep-deprived. Solutions! I need! Now, please!


  1. That's hilarious about Emmy's growing patterns. I can just imagine what she must look like. Although pictures would help. Hint, hint. :)

    As for Grace screaming at night... I'm heartless. When my oldest started doing that (I think she was a bit older, maybe 2, 2 1/2, but she started waking up 4+ times a night just wanting attention), I went in to check the first time and make sure everything was okay, but without talking or offering any extra comfort. Then that was it. I didn't go in again, and just let her cry. Cruel, cruel penguin. But it did work. She does sometimes wake up once a night now, usually when she's fallen out of bed (she's in a mattress on the floor) or she kicked her covers off and now wants them back and can't fix them herself. But that's maybe 1 in every 3 nights, not too bad. Earplugs help. :)

    I did usually wake up and stay up until she'd stopped screaming, making sure that the screaming didn't sound like pain or terror, just frustration, and that it eventually ended. But since I didn't go in, she didn't know it. Oh, and my girls were sharing a room, but I'd pull the baby out and put her in another room in a pack and play while I worked this out.

  2. littlehouse has good advice! Grace sounds like she is going to be a strong-willed girl (great thing when you get her on the straight and narrow!). I have one screaming in bed right I know!

  3. Yes, pictures!

    And ooohhh....Dexter is awesome.