Monday, June 29, 2009

Well then

First, it was the heartburn. Then the forgetfulness. Not my typical forgetfulness, which is pervasive and annoying, but not so bad that I forget common words and old friends' names and how to put on pants. Which is what I have been doing lately. Finally, the fatigue. Days where, if it weren't for The Child, I would spend hours at a time lying in bed, staring at the ceiling fan and wishing for sleep.

A light bulb went on last Thursday.

And the two pink lines practically popped through the foil wrapper before I'd even opened it.

Yes, The Child is being promoted to Big Bad Sister. By my calculations, it will be February 22nd. If it is anything like The Child, I will look due sometime in September, and it will arrive somewhere around February 17th. If it IS anything like The Child, I'd best step it up with my crunches and sit-ups, or there will be epic lower back pain.

PS Yes, we DO know how babies happen, thanks for asking.

PPS Yes, I DO know I'll have a 17-month-old and a newborn. (I'm trying to maintain my optimism until I'm through the joys of first trimester)


  1. CONGRATS! My 1st two were only 16 months apart so don't listen to those who say it's gonna be hard. I didn't have any troubles,In fact he helped me with "his baby" lol Big Hugs~ Poetic Dreams

  2. It was hot flashes and stupidity, for me. When I couldn't finish sentences, my mom started giving me Suspicious Looks. It went on for almost a month before I stopped being in denial. (I have irregular periods so that by itself didn't mean anything). And then the munchkin self-weaned. So, I peed on the stick, and voila! The Kid will be 19.5 mo on my due date, 09-09-09.

    You and I get to be all matchy-matchy :)

    So, just a few months ahead of you, my advice is HELLYEAH on the crunches because omg. They were Not Lying about the whole "your belly pops faster the second time" thing.

    Also, you know Amalah on AlphaMom? Do you know about Zero To Forty and Bounce Back? (, click the Columns button on the menu)

    And finally, but most importantly...


  3. Also....

  4. Good to know having kids so close in age doesn't HAVE to be a nightmare. Thank you.

    Adelas, thanks for that last link; I think it will be very handy in about 8 months!. I've been somewhat stalking Amalah since before I even had a kid (not in a creepy way! and also I live way far away from her). I think she's one of the funniest people ever. I got such a kick out of Zero to Forty the first time around, but I was pregnant then and have forgotten everything, so I'm reading it again.

    And the belly popping sooner? Waaah! I popped at 10 WEEKS with The Child. No, not joking.

  5. I just discovered your blog, and I'm loving it! You sound like I would... if I were actually industrious enough to keep a blog. Go you! And good luck with a second pregnancy and little one coming sooner than you expected. We originally thought about timing ours 18 months apart, but they ended up being closer to 22 months.

    I've heard that it's pretty hard the first year, but it can actually be easier after that because they coordinate in a lot of things and play together. I hope you love it!