Monday, June 22, 2009

Operation: Banish The Hell Tooth

First, I love my mom. Have I ever told you people that? My sister in law was going to babysit but couldn't, so I asked my mom, who was unexpectedly available. Cool mom points round one. Then, when I got home from my appointment and was in way more pain than I'd ever imagined a tooth could give you, she offered to stay the night. And then I wept into her shoulder. Or would have, except that my face had just been run over by a semi.

THEN. She took The Child on a walk in 90 DEGREE WEATHER (my mom just about dies when it's anything over about 60). And they've been gone for over an hour, and my face is feeling better, and I'm feeling like maybe I can handle parenthood again, imagine that! So it turned out it was a good thing my sister in law had to back out because with three kids, a job and a husband, there's no way she could have stayed this long, however much fun that would have been.

Second, I love my dentist. Totally worth the hour-long round trip. I love him almost as much as I love my OB. He was nice! And complimented my teeth! And chastised me for not flossing! And told me I needed a cleaning, STAT! But I didn't mind because he said it in such a way that I wanted to do these things just to make him happy. I do not know how he did that, but he did. And despite the horribleness of my visit, I retain my goodwill toward that man. And his hygienist. She was wonderful, too. I love that whole office, actually. A far, far cry from my previous experiences.

So, really? I'm kind of glad my tooth went kaplooey in a spectacularly awful way. There's nothing else that could have gotten me to a dentist, and while I'll probably always be nervous about dentists, this one made a huge dent (hahah! pun!) in my fear.

Now, I'm starving. I do not have the courage to eat. And you people know how I feel about food. *sob*

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